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Disease that progresses to give you powerful magical abilities, and moderately increased physical ones.

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This is a disease that will make the player undead in one week's time. This state of undeath is called Revenancy, and those afflicted called Revenants.

A short explanation to give you an idea: If Werewolves are physically offense-focused, and vampires are magically offense-focused, Revenants are a mix of physically and magically defense-focused. Almost all powers and abilities are defensive, intended for distraction, or utility.

The disease can be contracted by equipping a Mysterious Amulet found in an old ruined temple. With many specific powers and weaknesses, you should have reasonably balanced gameplay, while still feeling quite powerful.

My new Custom Race Dialogue and Quest Framework is required
The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch is required

My mod now has all custom races for adding spells and effects, custom formlists, and adding pallor directly to the skin as well. If your mod is incompatible with mine somehow, then please message me so we can discuss solutions.
With my Custom Race Dialogue and Quest Framework, all race-specific dialogue will be spoken to your character accurately, even while you're a Revenant.
All race checks that occur in quests will also work properly, and if you're undead(ie a Revenant), you will not have to become a vampire or become partially soul-trapped to enter the Soul Cairn.

If you use a custom race already, then your race will get the abilities as usual, but the skin will receive a pallor effect via shader, which can be overridden by spells that use shaders. You will also not get the eye glow, which is unfortunate, the issue though is restoring your original eyes after curing Revenancy.

Regardless of being a custom race or vanilla, because the player gets the undead keyword, if you use Frostfall you should be immune to its cold effects.

Anything that edits vanilla books(non quest) will likely conflict since I've added scripts to them. I would like to make a compatibility patch for the more popular book editing mods in future, but it is a large undertaking.

Walking across the broken section of the bridge to the College of Winterhold, you will get a feeling that someone may have fallen off at some point. You decide to investigate...

If you used a previous version of the mod, keep that one installed for now.
Open the console and type "GetGlobalValue GameDaysPassedAsRevenant" Take note of the VALUE it gives you.
ie the value might be 11

Then type "help RevenancyAbility" and see the SPELL ID it gives you. Remove RevenancyAbility using "Player.RemoveSpell <SPELLID>"
ie the line might be something like, "Player.RemoveSpell 2e077563"

Save, then quit, remove the old version of Revenancy and Run the game again. Save once more, and quit.
Install the new version via NMM or manually, and start the game.

Give yourself RevenancyAbility again via console, and use "Set GameDaysPassedAsRevenant to<VALUE>".
ie the line might be something like, "Set GameDaysPassedAsRevenant to 6"

Then use the Meditation power to update yourself back to the same level of progress you were at before.
You'll get all the powers you should have, but you will have to wait a bit longer in order for it to continue to progress in Revenancy as normal.

There are several ways to do this now.
1) becoming a Werewolf

2) becoming a Vampire Lord

3) going to the Soul Cairn, finding the Book of Possibilities and using the Mysterious Amulet on it to summon a potential version of yourself that you must kill to be cured

4) Removing RevenancyAbility via console, doing such also restores your original race and removes all abilities and spells.


Color Key:
Lime Green - Spells/Abilities
Flush Orange - Upgraded Vanilla Spells
Cyan - Activation Functionality
Yellow - Pseudo Perks
Electric Violet - Lesser Power
Fuchsia - Daily Power
Hopbush - Items

Standalone Spell

Revenant Abilities

Revenant Powers

Oddities of the Revenant's World

Revenantic Items