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A visual overhaul for the super polite and charming Radiant Raiment sisters.

Permissions and credits
Well, not much to say. Taarie and Endarie are pretty hideous, so I decided to overhaul them.
Despite their rudeness, I am rather fond of both of them. 
They have standalone textures for the CBBE or UNP body, and will use whatever body mod you have installed. 

Install with mod manager like any other mod. Uninstall same way.

If you have anything else that modifies one or the other, load my mod after it.

Bijin Skin
Fair Skin
High Poly Head
Expressive Facial Animations
Expressive Facegen Morphs
The Eyes of Beauty
KS Hairdos
Shinglescat for her amazing SC KS Hairdos Retexture and her awesome eye cubemaps
Holiday Gift Hairdos
SG Hairpack
Female Makeup Suite

All screenshots were taken in Skyrim Special Edition with Silent Horizons ENB for Obsidian Weathers.

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