Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Thousands of textures covering hundreds of objects, this upscales all the clutter in Skyrim. Guaranteed to cover many things you didn't know you were missing.

Permissions and credits
Project Clarity - Clutter Textures Redone

Using Kartoffels excellent Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures as a base, all clutter textures have been up-scaled with an AI upscaler, processed with a custom photoshop filter, and saved in BC7 file format.

*99.9% Lore/Vanilla friendly.

*Two textures were completely redone. The gems texture, and the sail cloth texture for the small golden ship. I replaced them because they were terrible.

Some of the textures I enhanced using vanilla assets. The most notable ones being the shadowmarks. (example below)

Improved Shadowmarks:

While I was working on this I noticed something strange. For some odd reason Bethesda decided to use two different textures for the books in Skyrim. One of them is for books that are on the ground, and the other one is for when they are in your inventory. The inventory model textures however are far superior to the other textures. Being the absolute mad modder I am, I knew I had to replace the world textures with the inventory textures.

Restored Skyrim books:

There's an optional file containing just the book textures.

Notes & Permissions

This can be used as is, to either replace clutter textures, or be used as a base to build on. 

These are still Bethesda textures, the quality doesn't even come close to
retextures made from scratch. However they are still better than vanilla, and this
mod should serve as an excellent base for building textures off of.

This is also a modders resource, feel free to use these textures for
anything and everything you want. Permissions are open. Credit is
preferable but not required.