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Improves positioning of clams and oysters in Skyrim and Solstheim.

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Since the days of Skyrim LE I have always found it annoying that a freshly picked clam and oyster has so much sand inside the shell or collided with the rocks disappearing inside them. To prevent this from occurring i made this small ESP that improves the position of around 700 clams and oysters in the game, including the deep sea. Closed or open now all clams and oysters they will no longer interfere with other clams or oysters, the ground, rocks and other nearby objects. Only kelp, grass and the small stones randomly generated they can still create some small problems of interpenetration.

Requirements: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.

Installation: choose a version and places the ESP inside the Data folder then activate it. Or use a mod manager.

Loading order: any position after USSEP should be fine.

Compatibility: it should be compatible with everything because this mod only slightly modifies the position and rotation of clams and oysters. But one thing needs to be clarified: all the changes are based on the size and characteristics of vanilla meshes. Mods that replace original meshes may exhibit even worse clipping effects.

Conflicts: if you are already using Flora Respawn Fix (that I use), or similar mods, and have previously interacted with a clam or an oyster, my mod will not work because the position of those items will have been associated with the save. The only solution is to start a new game.