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Saturalia is Tamriel's most important winter holiday, and all of Skyrim has been decorated with this large mod. Carolers, fully-voiced quests, and a huge amount of new content awaits. (This is an SE port with permission).

Permissions and credits
Saturalia - Christmas in Skyrim SE

This is a much requested port of the best Christmas mod ever made.  Rather than steal the mod authors' thunder, I invite you to view the original mod page for all pertinent details: Saturalia - Christmas in Skyrim


To install and activate the mod:
  • Install with NMM/Vortex.
  • Activate the mod, load your save game (or start a new game), and immediately create a new save.  Load the new save and everything should be fully functional.  If you do not perform this step the carolers and quests will not work.
Alternatively, you can perform a manual install.

Port Notes

I have received permission from the mod authors to upload this port. 

The original Saturalia page features multiple versions of the mod: the main file and others with reduced or alternate features.  In an attempt to get this mod up and running before Thanksgiving I am just uploading the main file for now with the intent of following up with the alternate files at a later date (SOON).

Also due to haste, the files will be marked as Beta versions until they have been thoroughly play-tested by players like yourself.  The mods should be fully functional and I have tested to a limited degree but have not had the time to check each and every feature of the mod yet.

The mod was ported using Cathedral Assets Optimizer, which is a phenomenal tool that greatly simplifies mod conversion.  Many thanks to G'k, over at CAO, for his patience with my needless fumbling about during the conversion process.

Author Credit

A lot of heart and soul went into the creation of this mod, none of which originated from myself.

Many grateful thanks to Musicman247 and Merilia (Deandra) for all of their hard work in the making of Saturalia.

Additional thanks go to their team:
  • Eltee for quest writing. 
  • Musicman's wife and Deandra's daughter for voice acting
  • Leilah for playtesting
  • CookieVortex for additional testing


Permission for asset use or reupload must be granted by Merilia and Musicman247 directly.  I do not need to be included in permission requests as it is not mine to give.

~Merry Christmas~