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Set of new 'Special Feat' perks for Requiem.
Each perk provide support for exotic/unique/fun builds

e.g. Unarmored : extra armor rating, movement speed, and weapon damage, when wearing no armors.
-> useful for glass-cannon builds.

Permissions and credits

Requiem - Special Feats (0.1)
by. Noxcrab

[ Mod Description ]

Adds new set of Feat perks to add more build diversity in Requiem - the Roleplaying Overhaul.

The Special Feats are divided into two groups : Character Feats and Skill Feats.
  • Character Feats : Requires player level of 0/15/30 to take for each rank. 
  • Skill Feats : Requires the first perk in each skill, and skill level of 25/50/75 for each rank.

Each Feat perks are located in related skill trees. Character Feats are independent from skill trees they are located at. You can take Character Feats as long as you have enough character level. 

[ List of Character Feats ]

( Drunken Combat ) - Alchemy
  Build support : Barbarian with drink buffs, Brewmaster monks
While under the effect of Alcohol, gain 1.0/1.5/2.0 stamina regen per second, 2/4/6% movement speed, and deal 2/4/6% more damage with melee attacks.
At all times, gain 10/20/30% poison resistance.

( Bow Strike ) - Marksmanship
  Build support : Rangers with mid-range combat
  • Bow/Crossbow bashes deal extra 15/30/45 physical damage.
  • Bow/Crossbow bashes cause medium stagger.
  • Bow/Crossbow bashes cost 3/6/10 less Stamina on successful hit.

( Torch Combat ) - Block
  Build support : Adventurers with Torch as sub weapon
  • Light bash with torches do additional 2/4/7 fire damage.
  • Power bash with torches do additional 7/14/22 fire damage and causes weak stagger.
  • Equipping a torch gives you 5/10/15% frost resistance.

( Unskilled Spellcasting ) - Alteration
  Build support : Rogues and Bards with some tricks
  • Novice/Apprentice/Adept Spells of schools you did not learn on will cost half the Magicka. But the skill level scaling for the spells' magnitude and duration will be smaller compared to the normal spellcasting perks.
  • (0.005x for all Novice/Apprentice/Adept tiers, while normal spellcasting perks are 0.01x Novice, 0.02x Apprentice, 0.03x Adept)
  • e.g. If you have Mage Armor on Self (Rank I) and don't have Novice Alteration perk, taking this feat will halve the cost of the spell, and the magnitude/duration will scale as 1 + 0.005 * Alteration.

( Hunter ) - Marksmanship
  Build support : Hunters and Rangers
  • Deal 10/20/30% more damage to animals, and take 10/20/30% less damage from animals.
  • Gain 10/20/30% resistance to poison and diseases at all times.

( Staff Channeling ) - Enchanting
  Build support : Mages with staves
  • While holding a staff, spells are 5/10/15% powerful (magnitude and duration) and costs 10/20/30% less Magicka to cast. (Staff itself is not effected)

( Willpower ) - Alteration
  Build support : Warriors in need of magic resistance
  • Gain 5/10/15% magic resistance when not having Magic Resistance perk in Alteration.

( Athletics ) - Evasion
  Build support : Speedsters and Swashbucklers
  • Movement speed is increased by 3/6/10% (2/4/6% when wearing heavy armor).
  • Swimming/Sprinting speed is increased by 5/10/15% (3/6/10% when wearing heavy armor).
  • Stamina Regeneration is increased by +15/30/50%.

( Shout Focus ) - Speechcraft
  Build support : Shout masters
  • Shout cooldown is reduced by 10/20/30% (note default shout cooldown is 150%).
  • Shouts are 5/10/15% stronger (magnitude and duration).

( Metamagic ) - Alteration
  Build support : Mages with deeper mastery of magic
  • Adds three toggle-able abilities - Metamagic : Overpowered Spell / Extended Spell / Distant Spell.
  • Metamagic : Overpowered Spell - Spells are 1.15/1.3/1.5x stronger but the cost is 1.5x higher.
  • Metamagic : Extended Spell - Spells last 1.15/1.3/1.5x longer but the cost is 1.5x higher.
  • Metamagic : Distant Spell - Spell target range is 2.25/3.5/5.0x longer, but the cost is 1.5x higher.
  • Note : Distant Spell works for Summons and Runes - spells that targets 'target location'.

( Commander ) - Speechcraft
  Build support : Leaders and Supporters
  • Nearby allies and non-hostile NPCs gain following bonuses.
  • Fortify Skill (1H, 2H, Block, Archery, Magic, Sneak) 10/20/30.
  • Fortify Unarmed 3/6/10.
  • Fortify Magicka and Stamina 50/100/150.
  • Fortify Magicka and Stamina Regeneration 25/50/75.

[ List of Skill Feats ]

( Unarmored ) - Evasion
  Build support : Glass Cannon warriors, Spy Assassins in clothings
  • While wearing no armor, gain 50/100/150 armor rating (no armor bonus when Mage Armor spell is active)
  • While wearing no armor, gain 2/4/6% movement speed and 5/10/15% physical damage bonus.
  • When wearing no armor, take 2/4/6% less damage from physical attacks.
  • While wearing no armor, Evasion skill experience gained while running is multiplied by 5/10/15. (Must still wear clothes for experience gain itself)

( Balanced Wielding ) - One-handed
  Build support : One-handed Kensei, Agile fighters
  • While having left hand empty, 1H weapons are 5/10/20% faster and deals 5/10/20% more damage.
  • (weapon attack speed does not stack with Armed Spellcasting - higher will take effect)

( Ward Mastery ) - Restoration
  Build support : Anti-magic Spellswords or Mages
  • Ward spells cost 15/30/50% less.
  • Gain 5/10/15% magic resistance while holding Ward spell in hand.

( Armed Spellcasting ) - One-handed
  Build support : Spellswords with 1H + Magic equip set
  • While having your left hand empty or equipped with magic, 1H weapons are 5/10/15% faster.
  • While having a 1H weapon on right hand, spell costs are reduced by 10/20/30%.
  • (weapon attack speed does not stack with Balanced Wielding - higher will take effect)

( Shield Strike ) - Block
  Build support : Warriors with offensive use of Shields
  • Fortify Block enchantments and potions increase shield bash damage.
  • Shield bashes do 1.5/1.75/2.0x damage.
  • When not wearing any heavy armor, shield bashes do 2x damage.
  • When having your right hand empty or holding a spell, shield bashes do 1.25x damage.
  • Shield bashes cost 3/6/10 less Stamina on successful hit.

( Arcane Artificery ) - Enchanting
  Build support : Artificers, Enchanters
  • Weapon & Staff Enchantments use 10/20/30% less charges.
  • Soul Gems give 10/20/30% more charges when recharging.
  • Scrolls are 10/20/30% stronger (magnitude only and duration).

( Arcane Assassin ) - Destruction
  Build support : Mage Assassins, Rune Trappers
  • Destruction spells (except rune spells) do 1.15/1.3/1.5x damage when the player is sneaking and the target hasn't detected the player (does not work on sneak attack immune targets). Gives you small Sneak skill xp on successful sneak attack.
  • Destruction spells are silent when player is sneaking and not in combat. Projectiles and Runes still make noise themselves.
  • (Only player's spells will be affected - scrolls and staves are not)
  • (Target may detect the player while the projectile is reaching the target, and thus not taking extra damage - consider distance and spell types)

[ Installation & Load Order ]

Install the mod with your mod manager program. Load 'Requiem - Special Feats.esp' from this mod after 'Requiem.esp'. In most case, below Requiem patches for other mods.

[ Compatibility ]

The mod modifies many skill trees, and thus any mod overwriting the skill trees will need a patch.
  • For users of Requiem - Craftable Items mod in Noxcrab's Tweaks, a patch is available in the OPTIONAL FILES. Makes Non-magical items added from the mod not affected by Arcane Artificery perk. Hunter and Unarmored will affect Dart damage.
  • For users of Requiem - Destruction Spell Pack in Noxcrab's Tweaks, a patch is avaialbe in the OPTIONAL FILES. Makes Destruction skill tree have both Arcane Assassin perk in this mod and the new Venomancy branch.
  • Users of Requiem - Unarmed Combat Enhancer (UCE) can find the patch in UCE modpage. 

[ Credits ]

The Requiem Dungeon Masters (Requiem Team) for Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul