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I've upscaled the texture for the Visage of the Dragonborn/Gifts of Akatosh armour as found in Legacy of the Dragonborn's Sancre Tor, to 4k.

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´╗┐Upscaled Textures for Visage of the Dragonborn/Gifts of Akatosh
The Sancre Tor Tiber Septim armour is very, very cool and a fitting reward for any Dragonborn. But there's one problem: Its texture resolution is at a measly 1024x1024. This is due to BSA size concerns: The original Gifts of Akatosh is at 2048x2048, so I upscaled it to 4k and 8k and put it up here.
The comparison images are comparing LotD's 1k textures to my upscale, so it looks a lot worse in the images than Gifts of Akatosh's 2k.

Note: If you want to use this for the original Gifts of Akatosh, you're going to have to unpack GoA's textures .bsa for this to apply.

I used Cupscale with ERSGAN, and used Manga109Attempt with 4x_textures_skyrim_armory_alsa. Let me know if there are any problems: This is my first mod and my first upscaling.