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New and adjusted animations.

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Sorry for the delay everyone!
Please thank EbrithilUmaroth for converting this to SSE.
I was entirely too lazy. Yes, it's true...

[size=4pt]This adds new optional animations and refines vanilla animations for players
who appreciate the overall feel of the vanilla style.

Check the file page for available modules and optional files.


To install: First, backup your Skyrim/data/actors/character/animations
folder just in case you do not like these animations (particularly if
you're installing manually). Then, use Nexus Mod Manager to install, or
copy the meshes folder into the Skyrim/data folder and overwrite when
prompted. To uninstall, remove the .hkx files from the
meshes/actors/character/animations folder. Use the zip file you
downloaded as a guideline.

--Check sticky in comments section for install procedure--


FAQ and common complaints:

My weapon sheaths are not in the right position!

You need to explore the XPMS file page and find the appropriate XPMS
version for you. There are several versions for different weapons sheath
positions. Just read the descriptions and pick the version that best
suits your desires.

My character does not block while running!

That is a problem with XPMS. If you're not using FNIS, you need to download
the magic-shield arm patch from the XPMS file page and install it. If
you are using FNIS, you need to check the skeleton arm fix patch before
running Generate FNIS for Users.

My left handed weapon is wielded backwards!

I honestly don't know why that is happening to some people, but it is not
a problem with my mod. Make sure that if you're using XPMS you install
the magic-shield arm patch if you're not using FNIS. If you are using
FNIS, check the skeleton arm fix patch before running Generate FNIS for

I installed an optional equip/unequip animation, but it only plays for the right arm while moving, and it plays the vanilla one
while mounted!

I'll eventually make the animations for while mounted. The left arm not playing the animation while moving is a
behavior file issue, and there' s nothing I can do about it at this
time. Just stand still when you draw your weapons if you want the full
animation every time. The sheathing animations wholly work standing
still and moving.

I installed an optional equip/unequip animation, but it looks silly when wielding certain weapons!

The optional equip/unequip animations are mainly aimed at players who like
to stick with the same weapon loadout through a playthrough. This is
because the main hand weapon determines which equip/unequip animation plays. E.g. if you have a sword in your main hand, the same
equip/unequip animation will play regardless of what's in your left
hand. So, for example, if you know you're always going to be using a
sword and shield for your one-handed setup, then you should be fine with
the sword and board optional file. Keep in mind that the equip animation for the left hand does not play while moving. This is due to equip behavior files
and is beyond my ability to modify at this time. Just stand still when
you draw your weapons for now if you want the left handed animations.
The unequip works fully every time. Also note that the animations will
work for NPCs as well, so it may look silly if they are wielding certain
weapon loadouts. It is not perfect; hence, it is optional.

Do you have plans for two-handed animations, bows, and/or magic?

Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: I'm not sure exactly which animations I'll be doing. I will be
examining the animations to see which ones are good and which ones need
to go.

Is this mod compatible with the <insert mod here> skeleton?

The animations are compatible with pretty much any skeleton. However, the
optional equip animations may look silly if you're using certain
skeletons. E.g. if your skeleton puts one-handed weapons on the hip, and
you're using Dual Sword Wield on Back, it would obviously look pretty

Can you make a skeleton for <insert mod here>?

I will consider making more skeletons in the future, but only for the
popular mods. Please do not ask. I will get to it when I can.
Alternatively, if anyone wants to make compatibility skeletons
themselves, feel free to PM me and I'll happily upload them to the
miscellaneous files. Be aware that all four skeletons need to be done
though: skeleton, skeletonbeast, skeleton_female, and


Please offer any suggestions and feedback, and let me know what you think.

Click here for Immersive Animations on Tesall (tesall.ru).

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