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Unofficial continuation of dcyren's fantastic Skyrim Reputation mod. Fixes typos and oddities in the new dialogue introduced. Also includes patches for EnaiSiaion's Growl, Sacrilege, and Sacrosanct mods.

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Hi everyone! This is my first mod, so go easy on me uwu.

In all seriousness, Skyrim Reputation is a phenomenal mod that hasn't left my load order since I first installed it over a year ago. I stopped modding Skyrim for a while, and when I came back I was sad to see that SR had been abandoned, with nobody having taken up the reins after dcyren left.

Luckily, nearly a year after his project's dereliction, the mighty Daedric Prince dcyren has found a new champion!

...Oh, did you think I meant me? Nah, I'm about as competent with Papyrus as a drunk toddler trying to do plastic surgery with a chainsaw. But nonetheless, I can't stand to see good projects die, and I'm sure my humble abilities with xEdit and obsessive attention to detail can still be of use to this community. Here are the changes I made:
  • Fixed numerous typos, mainly a lack of punctuation at the end of sentences. Let me know if I missed any!
  • Added several more NPCs to the "MiscQuestGiver" formlist to avoid their unique first greetings that the player can comment on from being nonsensically overwritten.
  • Prevented tavern servers from being rude by giving dismissive greetings to the player if their reputation is unknown. Screw you Narri, I thought I was the only handsome man/elf/cat/lizard-thing in Falkreath!!!;--;
  • I noticed that dcyren included a quest whose entire purpose seems to be preventing friendly greetings from NPCs the player has helped if the player has a bad reputation. I undid this change, because it makes no sense for NPCs to be asses to you even after you've solved their problems.  
I realize that last change may come off as slightly controversial, since it isn't strictly a fix, so if it proves unpopular I could upload an alternative version without that tweak, no sweat.

But wait, there's more!!!
As a big fan of Enai Siaion's mods, I also whipped up a couple of patches, one for Growl and the other for Sacrosanct. Nothing big, just adding the new werewolf/vampire lord perks and spells to the appropriate formlists so that using them affects your rep as a mangy dog/creature of the night.

Keep in mind that the main file is also a patch, so don't try using it without Skyrim Reputation, found here:

Note: Unless otherwise specified, all the patches on this page are ESL-flagged, meaning they won't count against your load order when you use them. 

And that's all she wrote... for now 0__0

Future plans include making SR compatible with quest mods, increased Wintersun integration, further bug fixes, and more! Suggestions are welcome. Oh, and anyone who's good with Papyrus, hit me up! I fear no man, but that thing... it scares me.

Shoutout to dcyren for making an essential mod, and being gracious enough to leave permissions open so OCD people like myself can improve upon his already-phenomenal work.