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Nordic Half-Giantess warrior companion, merchant and master heavy armor trainer. Tall, lean and powerful! ESPLite version available.

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Atlana is a Nordic / Half-Giant Hybrid. She is the product of a union between a Human Nord Male and a Female Giant.

With giant's blood running through her veins, it is no surprise that she has inherited a colossal stature and amazing strength relative to the average human, thus aiding in her becoming an exceptional warrior combatant. She is approx 9 ft tall which is around halfway between the average height of a human Nord (~6'2 ft) and a giant (~12 ft).

Excellent in all physical combat skills such as One Handed, Two Handed, Heavy Armor and Light Armor as well as some Blocking skills.

Equally proficient in using all forms of melee weaponry - swords, axes, maces, great-swords, battleaxes, war-hammers, daggers etc.

Also has custom melee-centric combat perks and is an expert hand-to-hand combatant. Her immense power can floor enemies to the ground. Has relatively high health pool, some innate resistance to physical stagger/damage and her huge size, mass and density means she's impervious to knock-back attacks, making her highly effective in occupying a tanking role. Very capable of dual-wielding weapon attacks and her power attacks can deal damage to multiple enemies in one strike. Able to lift and swing weapons with relative ease (+15% faster weapon attack speed).

Levels infinitely with player. Her weapon and unarmed damage will also increase as she levels up with the player.

She does not know any magic spells or shouts and has no perks in the arcane arts because she specializes in warrior-centric combat.


She can train the Dragonborn in the Heavy Armor skill up to master level (100).

She is able to buy and sell a wide array of levelled items - mainly armor, weapons, ores and ingots. Her vendor inventory and gold resets every 24 hours.

She is mainly stationed in Dragonsreach, Whiterun. During 5pm to 8pm she can be found training in the Companion's courtyard, Jorrvaskr. From 8pm to Midnight - she can be found unwinding at the Bannered Mare tavern. If you still can’t find her, you can toggle her tracking marker in the misc quests section.

Is essential. Wifeable. Won't set off traps. High Poly.

There are also versions which include a HDT Physics-Enabled KS Switchable Hairstyle on Atlana (Sky201 - As shown on images 3, 4 and 7). These versions require the download of HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics). Versions of Atlana with only default hairstyle do not require this mod.

Completely compatible with pretty much everything and no requirements. She is standalone and uses her own meshes and textures. Outside of introducing custom trainer response dialogue into the pre-existing DialogueTrainers quest, no other vanilla records are touched. ESPLite version also available for those vigilant of plugin limit. Cleaned with SSEEdit. Compatible with Anniversary Edition.

Amazing Follower Tweaks OR Extensive Follower Framework OR Nether Follower Framework, KS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics), IDRS - Improved Disabled Race Scaling.

- Dawn/Sky201 KS Hairstyles - Kalilies and Stealthic
- Improved Eyes - MissJennaBee and Nazenn
- Brows - Hvergelmir
- UNP - Dimon99
- RaceMenu - Expired6978
- UNP skin - HeroLeyende
- High Poly Head (VectorPlexus) - 
- NIFSkope, SSEEdit, Creation Kit, Bethesda Studios

Relevant mods used in screenshots within the image section:
- Skyrim Re-Engaged ENB by firemanaf
- Realistic Water Two by Isoku
- Dark Knight Armor by DeserterX
- Osare Culort by Anano
- zzjay's Wardrobe by zzjay
- Vivid Weathers by Mangaclub
- Skyforge Weapons SSE by Dreogan
- Vanilla Armor Replacer by NordwarUA

- XBOX Tester - xDariina


Link to XBOX One Version


Name: Atlana
Race: Nordic - 1/2 Giant Hybrid
Class/Style: Warrior Duelist/Tank
Specialty/Trains: Heavy Armor
Level: 15 - Infinite (x1 Player Level)
Height: ~9'0 (2.75m)
Weight: ~705lbs (320kg)
Age: 24

Spells: N/A
Shouts: N/A


One Handed - Armsman 4/5, FightStance, CritCharge, SavStrike, ParaStrike, Bladesman 2/3, BoneBreak 2/3, HackSlash 2/3, Dual Savagery
Two Handed - Barbarian 4/5, ChampStance, GreatCritCharge, DevastBlow, Warmaster, DeepWounds 2/3, SkullCrush 2/3, LimbSplit 2/3
Light Armor - AgileDefend 5/5, CustomFit, MatchingSet, Unhindered, WindWalker
Heavy Armor - Juggernaut 5/5, FistsOfSteel, MatchingSetHeavy, Cushioned, Conditioning, WellFitted, TowerOfStrength
Block - ShieldWall 1/5, PowerBash, DeadlyBash, Blockrunner
Sneak - Lightfoot
Unique/Racial - TitanicStrength, TitanicResistance, TitanicPower, SweepingSwings, SwingingSwirls, FistsOfFlourishment, WayOfTheWarrior

Passive Unique/Racial Traits:
15% Extra Weapon Swing Speed (U)
50% Extra Innate Physical DMG Output (R)
25% Innate Physical DMG Resistance (R)
50% Applied Stagger and Stagger Resistance (R)
50% Chance For Regular Attacks To Cause Slight Stagger (R)
40% Chance For Powered Attacks To Drop Enemies (R)
x2.5 Base Carry Weight (R)
60% Frost Resistance (R)
Healing Factor = 0.5% HP/S (R)
KD Immunity (R)
Enhanced Unarmed Combat (R)

Base Attributes:
Health = 500, Magicka = 100, Stamina = 250

100 Gold, Steel Plate Armor, Gauntlets, Boots, Sky-forge Steel War Axe (x2)

Enhanced Atronachs - With Levelling and Luminosity
The Atlantean Race - Powerful Warriors
Get In The FLASK! 
Electra and Chaotic Magic