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Stingray1995 cloudedtruth and Skylover264

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The lightweight version of RDO by Stingray1995 ported from LE

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  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
A cut, and slimmed down version of RDO that removes some of the feature creep/bloat.

-Use this mod on a new game, do not replace your RDO full on your current saved game.

-The cutting room and USSEP patch are no longer needed and should not be used with this; just load CRF after RDO!

-The AI Overhaul patch is still required and works fine.

Here's what was removed, as detailed as possible:

ARMOR -  Three single records, one of which was for an added follower.

BOOK -  One spell tome (Fade Other), and the RDO Bard Edda Verse.

CELL -  Placed NPCs/objects, holding cells.

CLASS -  For the added followers.

COBS -  RDO Scaled Armor (removed up top in ARMOR)

CONTAINER -  RDO holding cell container (removed in CELL)

COMBAT STYLE -  For the added followers.

DIALOGUE TOPIC -  This is trickier to go through in briefness; most of what was removed were single records that pertained to the added followers, and an added bandit NPC.

DIALOGUE BRANCH -  Same thing here; most of what was removed had to do with those added followers/NPCs/objects.

OBJ EFFECT -  This was two records for the added armor.

FORM ID LIST -  I removed the 'aaa_RDOPreventedActorsList' in version 1.1; not sure what this is, but it's very empty, no list of formids underneath it.  Previously removed: _RDOEncOrcHuntersFemale, _RDOMPxExcludedActors, _RDOWEAdventurerBrawlerSubChar, a_CustomSpellList (this one looked fishy to me), _RDOEncHunters

LEVELED NPC -  One record:  _RDOWERoadNobleSubChar

MAGIC EFFECT -  This was a big one.  Reported crashes were stemming from magic battles with RDO installed; there were some very odd, single records that affected VANILLA magic effects in here, so shouldn't that all be green looking?  I would say so; when I tweak magic effects in Skyrim, I do a copy as override.  Why on Earth would we need more than one magic effect that affects the same spells?  Jury's out on that one, but CTD was being reported; now those effects are gone.  Oh, and the invisibility eye mesh fix, which is now redundant with the eye fixing mods that we all have access to in 2019.

MISC ITEM -  One record:  a_RDOFFGrelkaSatchel

NPC -  EVERYTHING, for obvious reasons.

OUTFIT -  Two follower outfits.

PACKAGE -  Another lengthy one; only single records regarding RDO's added followers and NPCs, including Terik, were removed.  Vanilla records were left intact.

PERK -  One perk:  a_RDODualFlurry, whoever that was for.

QUEST -  Same thing as Package, lots regarding added followers/NPCs, including Terik, and its quests (the Grelka thing/Bard Edda?). Vanilla left intact.

RELATIONSHIP -  Again, added followers.

SCENE -  Two records:  One for Kaie, another for Terik.

STORY QST NODE -  One record:  a_RDOKaieConfrontQuestNode


WEAPON -  Kaie's Sword of Leeching/Harvesting (obviously explains the dual flurry perk.)

All scripts that looked vanilla affecting and important for functionality are included, but scripts pertaining to added magic effects, quests, followers, etc were removed.

There was also a list of mods that are known to require the full version of RDO:
A-Maging Companions Required for mod to work
Addison Companion With Several Versions And BONUS Adoptable Cutie
Alexstrasza Follower
Algus Thadalfus Follower required for this mod
Anna Christmas Elf_Vanilla And Standalone With Multiple Voice Options Full HDT
Arch-Curate Vythur Follower - Vampire and Mortal
AS Companions Complete Required for followers to work properly
Authentic Sinding Follower
Autumn's-Gate house and Mannimarco follower Altmer voices
Azarimar Dunmer Follower and Standalone Needed in order for the voice to work properly (For RDO Version)
Balthier Follower - RDO required for this mod
Blueinith's Elven men
BucketHead needed to recruit buckethead
Butterfly - Standalone Follower Follower dialog will fail to appear without it
BUVARP - Barely Used Vanilla Actors Recycle Project
Calaveras Vampire Companion required for this mod
Cattleya Follower from Queen's Blade - Jinxxed Followers I believe this is needed to make Rana work
Crethia follower
Diana Vampyre 2020
Dominion Followers Not needed for mod to work only needed for a few followers to work.
Double Trouble
Dx's Follower - Freston Family Required for Ragnar and Thoralf
Elandil Maormer Follower Needed for voice and follower commands
Estrion - Altmer Male Follower
Follower Artesia - Artesia the Xinobi -
Follower Canna - Canna The Little Magician -
Follower Nirya - 2018 Edition - SCE Hard requirement for both BAT and ESP; enables Nirya's voicetype to be used for follower dialogue
Gerdur NPC Replacer_Follower_Marriageable_UNP
Gracie - Standalone Follower
Halena and Daylee - Standalone Elves Followers Follower dialog will fail to appear without it
Herfjotur Follower Required for mod to work
Invasion of Skyrim - Grand Admiral Thrawn 2.0 - The Balance of Power
Kiyomi - Standalone Follower Follower dialog will fail to appear without it
Kynareth Goddess And Daughter Kelsea
Largo Follower Required for RDO version
Liadys Follower Pack for Khajiit voice
Makeo - Standalone Follower Follower dialog will fail to appear without it
Malacoda Follower Standalone and RDO Required for non-standalone version
Maxine - Zombie Follower and Adoptable  - REPORTED COMPATIBLE (Thanks to user Ruhadre)
Maxine - Zombie Follower and Adoptable Spanish - REPORTED COMPATIBLE (Thanks to user Ruhadre)
Niroku Followers It is necessary for M'rasa, but MOD works even without it.
Noelle or Samus Aran (METROID) - Standalone Follower
Nordic Beauties of Skyrim required for mod to work
Nymph Girls of Skyrim
Peregrine Highwatch HFX Needed along with EFF in order to hire the Imperial Phantom as a follower (normally not hireable in vanilla).
Raeza - Follower and Adoptable
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO - polish translation
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO German
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO Spanish
Rosalia - Standalone Follower Follower dialog will fail to appear without it
Rosie Vampire Follower in case she not follow
Sanyon Exiled Thalmor Follower Feat. Edgy Teen son Falcoril
Scarlett - Vampire Standalone Follower
Sierra - Standalone Follower
Spunky Breton's Companions II Many of them use unique voice sets
The Doppelganger Follower If you play as a High Elf, Khajiit Female, or Elderly you will need this
TPFollowers Required for Beast followers only.
Traducao Pt-Br Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
Translation PT-BR Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
Trinity And Kayla ELF Companions FULL HDT CBBE_UUNP_With PRESETS
Vanessa - Vampire Standalone Follower (Optional Serana Replacement) Follower dialog will fail to appear without it
Vector Hyllus Follower needed for his voice and follower commands
Warmaidens Needed in order for Jeel'Sa to fonction
WARP - World Assets Recycle Project