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SKSE plugin that prevents neutral NPCs from turning hostile when you accidentally hit them.

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Visual C++ Redistributables 2019 
Address Library for SKSE Plugins


  • 1.0 - Initial release 
  • 1.1 - Very aggressive actors will always be hostile on hit
  • 2.0 - Uses the game's IsHostile function to determine potential hostiles


Player friends and allies have a minimum number of hits they can take before they turn hostile towards the player, however, neutral NPCs do not, and will immediately turn on the player if hit by a stray spell or arrow.

This plugin patches the game to consider neutral NPCs as friends or allies, for aggro purposes, and prevents this from happening.

If you're looking to completely disable friendly fire, Simple Offence Suppression - Friendly Fire Blocker is an excellent companion mod that prevents damage to neutral/friendly NPCs.


Simple Offence Suppression comes with a configurable ini. file.

Default settings will set neutral NPCs as friends, meaning they will turn hostile immediately out of combat, but can take several hits before turning hostile during player combat. The number of hits are dependent on iFriendHitCombatAllowed and related gamesettings, which can be optionally modified in the ini.

NPCs can also be set as allies, which means they can be hit several times out of combat, and ignore all player hits during combat.


  • Install using a mod manager. For the love of god, please don't use NMM. Please.


  • Ryan (SniffleMan) for CommonLibSSE
  • Ashen, for excellent naming skills
  • wSkeever for the mod idea