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This mod adds a total of 12 new sets of armor (Male and Female). they are all mash ups from vanilla, NordwarUA and Vaultman30 assets

Permissions and credits
12 new sets of armor to match various roleplay class (Male and Female)

All sets are fully crafteable, fully tempereable and enchantable

-Archer robes 
-Dwemer Battlemage
-Nord Scout
-Winter Mage
-Winter Warrior

This are all mash ups and some little mesh edits with assets from NordwarUA and from Vaultman30 
who kindly gave me permission to share it 

To do:
  • Expand the pack (at least 3 more sets in progress)
  • Distribute most of the armor to some groups of npc with spelldistributor function
  • CBBE support and maybe some other body
  • UNP support - already compatible



I don't use enb and did the pics on a rush, that's why they are so crapy.
So please leave your pics with your favourite set if you want.

NordWarUA Most of the models are from his mods Vanilla Armor Replacer and Unpleyable Faction Armors
The materials of these authors were used:
For the lion's share of models and textures, many thanks to Studio  CD Projekt RED  as well as for the great series of The Witcher games, as well as to the guys who ported different models to Skyrim:  TH3WICK3D1, Lord0fwar, Redxavier, Afro , Registrant,  Toasty Fresh .
Many models were redone from Vaultman30.