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  1. blu377
    • supporter
    • 5,174 posts
    • 145 kudos
    It's bursting at the seams with your vibe! Thank you.
  2. Seikara
    • member
    • 33 posts
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    This is such a cute little house and has excellent lighting in the bedroom area. The music is definitely the best part! I've been using your Breezehome mod for forever without ever checking out your other mods. I found this one randomly, installed it, loved it, and decided to checkout your other mods and only then found out they had the same author. For your home mods without custom music, I would love an optional file we could download to add it - if that's possible/something you'd be interested in doing. In any case, thanks for being so super awesome!

    Edit: Oh yeah; only real issue is that there's no rest bonus when you sleep in the bed at Nordbotten. Since this is pretty new though, I figure that's coming yet?
  3. PlasmaWolfNexus
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    I love it. Very nice little house, and completely filled with so many decorations. So much more than in the base-game houses.
  4. Mathius59
    • member
    • 174 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Thank you for the Mod. Had to repost to let you know how much i like the house . So much more Satisfying than Severin Manor. A Much needed Home. Again Thank you. Endorsed as always with your work.
  5. Shkyflush
    • member
    • 67 posts
    • 6 kudos
    i have waited Since i got SE for this mod, thank you
  6. Mathius59
    • member
    • 174 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Just saw this as I was shutting down my computer. :) Looks lovely. My current play through is literally standing on the porch, ready to go find out where these dragon Priest's are coming from... Thank you yet again for your fine work. Can't wait........
  7. pega3
    • premium
    • 3 posts
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    Awesome mod with so much love to all the details. The house is a dream, the horker bow a treat, Wynter a really attractive follower and the outfit pure eye-candy. Also love the music inside the house.
    I was a bit surprised when Wynter joined me in the Black Book in the end fight against Miraak, but the girl obviously has her heart in the right place. She is also quite practical, when I sent her to buy a horse, she returned shortly afterwards with one and knows how to ride it. She also integrates well into NFF. Definitely a keeper.
    Enchanting her outfit and giving her a housedress reveals that she has a rather normal build - the Skaal armour obviously has a lot of padding. :-)
    Thanks for this mod, which adds a lot to the game. 
  8. hamletsdead
    • premium
    • 1,266 posts
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    Great title and love the looks. The bed frames are an especially nice touch. Kudos!
  9. fanatic4fender
    • premium
    • 40 posts
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    Me: *Idly (elder)scrolling  through new mods on nexus* 

    ?                                See's New Elianora mod and proceeds to have epileptic fit (not a joke actually epileptic),
    takes meds and proceeds to instantly download without question naps while it installs 
    as I'm now sore from previously mentioned Epileptic fit.
    Thanks for all you hard work, we all appreciate it greatly stay healthy, live long, and avoid flashing lights.

    Regards, the Resident convulsion enthusiast 

  10. WardenBob2k15
    • member
    • 44 posts
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    Elianora I was wondering if you know that using the right chair at the table you get clipping issues with the table after trying to stand up?