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The successor to Iconic's Woodfires, this re-textures the campfires and bonfires.

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I was never completely satisfied with my original mod, it was low-res, and poorly constructed. so, in the midst of trying to update my Project Clarity mods, I had the brilliant idea of re-doing my older mods from scratch (heh).

So what exactly does this do?
Specifically, it replaces the wood in campfires, the wood in the giant bonfires, and the ash under both of them. As well as the blacksmith/brazier ashes. I suggest using this in combo with Inferno - Fire Effects Redux.

What's different from the original?
All the textures have been remade from scratch at a higher resolution.
Fixed the log ends so they display... well... log ends.
Redirected the texture paths on the Helgen burnt rubble meshes to utilize the burnt wood texture instead of the ash texture (um, why Bethesda?)
Burnt Helgen rubble also has glowing and non-glowing options

Initially I just updated my original mod, but then I realized not a whole lot of people were going to see it. So I decided to publish this as a brand new mod.

Hope you guys enjoy!