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STAYDOWN adds a gameplay element to which you will now have to revive your follower if they get knocked down during combat.

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Preamble ramble from everyone's favorite zealot
And here it is my friends, the ugly truth. Dare I say, that “immersion breaking” truth! For every time your fellow traveler gets knocked to the ground, only for them to inexplicably rise up! Rise up! Back to their feet, again and again, to stab their foe “Preferably the Thalmor!” in the back! And what does the Dragonborn have to do? Nothing! Nay worse than nothing! Standing idly by or worse, running away while your brave cohort runs headlong into battle with a fire breathing dragon! Well no more I say! StayDown will make it so you! The chosen one of the gods will now have to protect and heal your helpless disciples! With spell or incantation! Or by some otherworldly means or method! Or finish the fight on your own! And protect your meager minion! Like a true Dragonborn rising from the shadow of the mighty god Talos should! And what then?… when the smoke clears, and the blood cools, Dragonborn will you help your poor.. overburdened follower, back to their weary feet? 
-Heimskr the BSM of Harpies everywhere

Nuts & Bolts
StayDown is a simple mod, it changes a total of five game setting’s. And what these changes do is make essential NPC’s “StayDown” for the duration of combat. And that’s it. Now the duration of your follower kissing the ground after battle can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Gameplay style, gear that the NPC is equipped with, the version of the mod installed “of which there are 3 light, medium and heavy” and how much damage the NPC received before going down.

Also of note is this works on non-follower essentials as well like Jarl Gruffbals "cough!!" Balgruff I meant Jarl Balgruff for example "check out the end of the vid", more testing needs to be done to verify this but things right now seem to look good.

Settings Changed                                           Vanilla       Light      Medium       Heavy                           
fEssentialDownCombatHealthRegenMult                          0.75               0.0                0.0                  0.0
fEssentialHealthPercentReGain                                          0.30               0.0                0.0                   0.0
fEssentialNonCombatHealRateBonus                                5.0                 0.0                0.0                  0.0
fEssentialNPCMinimumHealth                                           -30                 -50               -100                -150
fEssentialDeathTime                                                           20.0              120.0            120.0              120.0

Personal Tastes, Mmm num num hey! this needs salt!
If for whatever reason one of the 3 options provided does not tickle your fancy, SSEEdit is your new best friend. Load it up, go on in, and fudge the numbers to your personal preference.

Vids While Testing Heavy Version


ESL's for all 3 versions have been made. I strongly recommend that you only use the ESL version if you have no conflicting mods with StayDown from your load order. Use SSEEdit to verify this.

For those of you with a full load order and mods that conflict with StayDown and just gotta have this mod "who could blame you for that" I recommend moving StayDown settings/changes over to a existing ESP patch in your LO and then disable this mod. Boom done.


The only mod I have that currently conflicts with StayDown is Wildcat.
If you use Wildcat "and why wouldn't you its great" just make sure to use the ESP version of StayDown and it loads after Wildcat and all is good.

StayDown has not been tested with CGO, Vigor or any combat mod other than Wildcat.
If there is a conflict with these mods or any other just follow the same theorem as Wildcat and load StayDown after.

Nothing so far. May have jinxed myself. It has been reported that some followers from Interesting NPC's may not play nice and StayDown the way they should, no crashing will occur just your same old vanilla unstoppable tanks for followers is all.

There is inevitably going to be a mod that changes some if not all of the same settings as StayDown. You will need to choose which settings best suit your game "See Personal Tastes" and adjust your load order accordingly.

I did read that Nether's Follower Framework already does something like StayDown. If you already use NFF then.. YOU. DO. NOT. NEED. STAYDOWN

I would personally like to thank the Skyrim community at large for their incredible dedication to this wonderful game that just continues to get better year after year. Be safe, be well and thank you.
This is my first mod, you have been warned.        
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Be Cool People, Peace.