Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Retexture of the moons of Nirn (Masser and Secunda).

Permissions and credits

Updates (change log):

10/9/2020 Version 1.2
1. All new update to make version 1.1 go from 54mb down to 13mb.
2. Saves you 41mb and NO QUALITY LOST!
3. Don't ask me how did it, because it is magic. 
4. Working on a glow version now and also working on a new mod for star/galaxy retexture to add to my sky collection (should be out in the next few days).
5. Please note, there are a few (approx. 20) updated pictures mixed in with old pictures (I will try to title more pictures in the future or delete old pictures from past obsolete versions). 

10/9/2020 Version 1.1a (Optional file)
1. All updates from 1.1 included in this update, plus this version is toned down for ENB user or certain weather mods, or users of both.
2. You can use this version with vanilla (no ENB or no weather mod) and it will work just fine. It will just be more dull, lower contrast, higher opacity, etc. Some might like this look. 

10/6/2020 Version 1.1
1. Increased perimeter feathering opacity to eliminate hard lines at moon edges (current pictures do not represent this update, user are welcome to post pictures!).
2. Increased terminate feathering between light and shadow to create a softer transition.
3. Straightened terminate fade line between light and shadow so transition dark and light is perfectly straight. 
4. Future update: Working on a glow option , 4k version (for those that might want it), toned down version for Cathedral Weather an Rudy, and other changes (currently compatible but some may find the contrast too high).

Showcased on Heavy Burns Horror Modlist

Click Here to go to My Star and Galaxy Mod

Note: For glow until I release an update, you can download other mods (as BrinaSair stated in the comments) that have a glow esp and replace their textures with mine (message me if you need instructions on how to do this, if enough people ask, I'll post instructions or hurry up with a glow release version).

What does this mod do:
1. Retextures the Moons of Skyrim with HD textures and high quality detail (Note: some screen shots are with enb (ones with glow) and some are vanilla.
2. This is part of a series of overhauling all sky textures.
3. They will be release in phase (this is the moon phase of course). 
4. All textures in the overhaul will be in the same mood and atmosphere as these (matching). 

Why create this mod:
1. Starting a collection of retextures of all of Skyrim.
2. A possible upscale and rework of popular mods collections in works as well (like Immersive Armor reworked and upscaled to 4k etc)

How to install:
1. Use your preferred mod manager to install the file (I recommend Mod Organizer 2).
2. Or... manually download and install directly into Skyrim Special Edition>Data (I highly recommend Mod Organizer 2).

1. Should be compatible with everything except files that edit the same items (moon textures). 
2. If you have other mods that edit these items, the lowest in your load order will show up in game. 
3. You can install this mod at anytime during play through, it will not hurt your save to install mid play. 
4. Users of certain weather mods and enbs may find the moon altered in contrast etc, let me know and I will try to make a patch or edited version (it is still compatible, just might be different than I designed it to be with my current weather and enb set up). Same goes for ENB users (you can adjust moon settings in your enb, you might need to enable weather menu inside you enb if have enb help installed to adjust moon settings as per weather). If anyone needs further instruction regarding this, post it in the comments so I can try to help or try to make an update that fixes any issues. 

About me:
1. I have played Skyrim for years and used mods for years, so I decided to try my hand at making my own mods.
2. I have a lot to learn so any help or criticism in the comments is appreciated.
3. I have started learning 3D modeling, custom textures, and ERSGAN upscaling.

Texture other items?
1. Yes, just need some feed back on this one, so I know what I need to do different on others.
Custom Meshes?
1. Yep.
Updating this mod?
1.Upon request.
Editing this mod if users find mistakes etc?
1. Just leave me a comment or message and if I know how to fix it or edit it, I will.