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My rendition of Cynndal's lovely "Falkreath Treehouse;" A cozy, intricately decorated, and fully exterior (no load door) treehouse dwelling designed for an alchemist, druid, hunter, ranger, or woodland mage.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian


  • Outside of Falkreath. You can travel either to the base of the treehouse or on the porch. There is no purchase price; just show up with your knapsack!


  • Loads of custom assets and unique crafting stations (fully equipped smithing, alchemy, and enchanting)
  • Interactive markers (transcribe,  sit ledge, and sit cross-legged). These must be activated in 3rd person or you won't see the animation. 
  • Automatic animations: sit in the throne to whip out a book and read or sit at the dining table stools to munch on some bread
  • Activators (i.e. "clickies"): set the table, open the shutters, light the fire pit, or unroll a bedroll to camp under the stars .  
  • Storage aplenty
  • 5 soils and tons of plants ripe for the picking. 

  • Many of the assets featured in this mod were BY PERMISSION ONLY and you MUST contact the original mod author
  • for use. Do NOT unpack the .bsa and treat it as a resource repository.
  • Any assets found in the “Queenacademe” folder will be released in a modder's resource pack. If you'd like to use them before the pack launches please contact me; I just want to know how my assets and the ones I spent weeks tirelessly converting from Sketchfab will be used. 

Additional Notes