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A mod that tries to recreate the mechanics and feeling of the combat in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
(also my first ever mod!)

Permissions and credits
DISCLAIMER: The Resurrection and Killmove system of this mod has some bugs. I will fix this eventually when I have time.
In the meantime, use this mod with caution, or use Inpa Sekiro Combat instead!
Inpa Sekiro was built on Shinobi Combat, so it has all of its functionality and assets, but uses a different, more safe method for resurrections.

This mod was made with the idea to bring "The Clashing of Swords", which Sekiro's swordsplay tries to capture, into Skyrim. 
Standalone combat overhaul, highly customizable through an MCM menu.

  • All physical attacks will deal damage to a fighter's "Posture" (Stamina)
  • Blocking mitigates health damage, but not Posture damage
  • But if you block at the exact moment an attack hits you, you will Deflect that attack, which negates any damage to both health and Posture
  • Deflecting an attack will also deal Posture damage back at the attacker, and make them recoil back for a brief moment, allowing you to strike
  • When a fighter's Posture pool is depleted (by taking damage or having their own attacks deflected), their Posture will break and they get staggered
  • Posture-broken enemies leave their guard open, allowing you to land a Shinobi Execution, a high-damage finisher move, on them
  • You can also perform Stealth Deathblows (Backstabs) by attacking enemies from behind at the right angle. Equip different Ninjutsu, such as Bloodsmoke, Puppeteer, and Bestowal which will trigger after a successful Backstab.
  • Other than melee attacks, you can also block projectiles like arrows, or even deflect them. Blocked (not deflected) arrows will still deal damage to you though.
  • Your melee attacks (weapon swings) will also count as 'blocking', so if you're fast enough, you can Parry both melee and ranged enemy attacks with your own moves.
  • Should you be killed in battle, you can choose to use the power of the Dragon's Heritage to resurrect yourself.
  • Each Resurrection costs 'Dragon Soul Shards'. You absorb one such Dragon Soul Shard with every Shinobi Execution you perform, so your number of resurrections is limited.
  • Shinobi Executions and Stealth Deathblows also restore a portion of your health.
  • In combat, enemies will sometimes do 'Perilous Attacks'. They can not be blocked and deal large amounts of Posture damage, so you should evade them.


  1. Make sure you have the required mods (SKSE, SkyUI, from version 1.7 on: DAR) installed
  2. Install Shinobi Combat
  3. Important: If you want to use this mod's resurrection system, install VioLens and tick the "Player Killmove Immunity" option in its MCM menu! 
  4. If you want custom animations for Deflecting/Parrying attacks: open the mod in explorer, go to \Shinobi Combat\meshes\actors\character\animations\DynamicAnimationReplacer\_CustomConditions\. Drop the "blockhit" animation replacer files you like into the "8001" folder. I recommend Olivier Blocking (used in the showcase video) or Pseudo Parry animations. Make sure you don't also use the same animations as a regular replacer though, because then you won't see any difference between blocking and parrying
  5. Start the game, customize the settings through the Mod's MCM menu



  • Unfortunately there's a problem I (currently) can't fix with the resurrection system, enemies trying to killmove you while you're "immortal" will break your animations and you'll have to reload everytime it happens. This is why you more or less need VioLens or any other mod that disables killmoves on the player.
  • Definitely use this mod alongside a dodge mod of you choice! It's the best way to escape Perilous attacks
  • Mods that change combat & difficulty in numerical ways, like Combat Evolved, will most likely go great together with this. Also mods that improve NPC AI, such as Wildcat or Ultimate Combat. 
  • HOWEVER: My mod has a lot of mechanics that Ultimate Combat covers as well but in a different way (timed blocking, poise, stagger). Having both would not only be redundant but also double your script load for achieving the same things. So if you're using Ultimate/Wildcat, you should disable timed block and stagger mechanics there, or use LertKrush's Sekiro Combat SE instead of my mod
  • Should now be compatible with any mod that gives you a custom block key, such as the SKSE version of Dual Wield Parrying.
  • Any stylish combat animation replacer mashup of you liking
  • No StaggerCamera, this is just personal preference, it removes the camera sway from stagger but keeps the animation
  • an audio overhaul that improves swinging, clanging and slashing sounds of weapons. The "Soulsborne Sound FX" mod could be a nice fit.
  • Sekiro's Mortal Blade is a must-have!
  • Shinobi Tools, obviously
  • Sekiro Heal Sound for PAF will boost your Sekiro-immersion levels to new heights!
  • Simple Lock-On keeps track of your opponent in duels and lets you focus on your timed parries


    • Weapon Parry Standalone and Action Combat. The first is completely redundant as my mod does exactly the same, the second does a lot of things that might interfere with my mod, like timed blocking, poise and stagger
    • Arrow Block: redundant, as this mod covers that. Also, Arrow block will always play the "block hit" animation when blocking arrows, while my mod distinguished between whether you blocked or deflected the arrow (if you time it right, you can even deflect arrows with your attacks using Shinobi Combat)
    • Critical Hit: Please turn off either that mod's or Shinobi Combat's Backstab/Stealth Deathblow feature! They basically do the same thing and WILL most likely interfere with each other
    • Any mod that replaces killmove animations. Users have reported Shinobi execution and Stealth assassination not working when using animation replacers for killmoves
    • Sekiro Combat: Compatible but redundant, Shinobi Combat uses the same spark effects, but does not rely on Ultimate Combat


    A huge Thank You goes to LertKrush, author of "Sekiro Combat" f
    or SE & LE, who offered me to use his hand-made visual effects in this mod!
    Credits to elysees for the Bestowal blade slash effect mesh files
    To Myrdo for constructively criticizing my method of Posture calculation and having great ideas on how to make it more balanced (I'll still have to work on that sometimes soon...)
    To everyone who gave positivie feedback for this ambitious project of an amateur modder like myself, encouraging me to keep improving this mod!
    Obviously, to From Software for creating Sekiro.