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This mod brings the fast-paced, flashy and stylish swordplay of Sekiro:Shadows Die Twice to Skyrim.

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Sekiro preset for Ultimate Combat.

Balance changes:
♦ Deflect attacks (Timed block) regain your stamina while damaging enemies Stamina and staggering them if their Stamina is low enough. Bleedout and execution are cut for now for balance reasons.
You can deflect melee attacks, forces, and explosions, but not direct spell hit.
♦ You can't deflect if you have less than 10 Stamina.
♦ They can also deflect your attacks. (Humans, Draugrs/Skeletons, and Falmer) This ability scale with enemy level.
♦ Attacking a blocking opponents no longer play recoil animation (So you/enemies can finish their attack combo animation) except on shield.

New effects:
♦ Every block now produce shimmering fire sparks.
♦ Deflect produce bright flash.

♦ Install the mod after Ultimate Combat SE:

I might implement arrow deflection later, but now if you want to parry arrows, please use Arrowblock:

Improved Combat Sound flow nice with this:
Have fun!

Also if any of you are a novel or manga author/editor/agent please contact me. I wrote a pretty long novel (kind of like web novel) for years now and I'm still struggling to get it published.
Or you can just add me if you want some chat.
 My Discord: Kittytail#7751

These are preview of older versions which has slightly different effects.