Skyrim Special Edition
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About this mod

A Simple MCM Based cheat menu, Currently In a very early stage of development and so please request Features.

Permissions and credits
Have you ever wanted a all-in-one solution for testing purposes? Or maybe an all-in-one solution for cheating? Then you have come to the right place. My goal with this mod is to create a tool with as many cheat features possible. If you are at all interested then I implore you to continue reading.


-Skyrim 1.5.97-
-SKSE 2.0.19-


-FISS 1.3.7-

Current Features

General Cheats

-Carry Weight-
-Septims Giver-
-Bounty Remover-
-Dragon Souls-
-Enchantment Cheat Ring-
-CarryWeight Cheat Ring-
-Vampire/Werewolf Toggle-
-God Mode Toggle-
-Toggle Collision-
-Toggle AI-
-Toggle Menus-
-Unlock all Ingredients-
-Infinite lockpicking Sweet Spot-
-Infinite PickPocking Chance-
-Equipped PickPocking-
-Infinite Enchantment Limit-
-Free Purchase-
-Learn All Enchantments-

Melee Cheats

-Shout Recovery Cheat-
-Heal/Magicka/Stamina Rate Cheat-
-Attack Damage Multiplier-
-Weapon Speed Multiplier-
-Add individual shouts, all shouts and any tier of the shout-
-Crit Chance Editor-
-Melee Damage and Unarmed Damage Editor-
-Runes Limit-
-Conjuration Limit-

Stats And Skill Editor

-Add perk points for human perk tree, Werewolf perk tree and vampire lord perk tree-
-Health/Magicka/Stamina Editor-
-Skill Level Editor for Individual skills and all skills-
-Level Editor-
-Damage/Disease/Poison/Fire/Electric/Frost and Magic Resistance Editor-
-Remote Blessing Selection-
-Remote Standing Stones Selection-

Fun Cheats

-Speed Multiplier-
-WaterWalking Toggle-
-Eject Player Push Spell-
-Player Scale Editor-
-Jump Height Multiplier-
-No Fall Damage Toggle-

Map Cheats

-Holds Teleport-
-MISC Teleport-
-20 Custom Teleport Points-

Item Cheats

-Arrow And Bolts-
-Add All Ingredients-
-No Ingredients Weight-
-Bows And Crossbows-
-Item Spawner-
-Item Spawner Toggle Options-

World Editor

-Weather Editor with 122 different kinds of weather-
-Game Time Editor-

NPC Editor


Global Settings

-TimeScale Editor-
-Free Carriage/Ferry/Sailing Toggle-
-Decapitation Chance Editor-
-Eclipse Activation-
-Disable Miraak Soul Absorption-
-Disable Dragons-
-Disable Favor Cost-
-Disable Bribe Delay-
-Disable Flatter Delay-
-Favor Reward Editor-
-Favor Timer Editor-
-Disable Hello Dialogue-
-Disable Horse Cost-
-Disable House Cost-
-Disable Invest Cost-
-Ore and Wood Value Editor-
-Disable Room Cost-
-Disable Guard Reaction-

MCM Menu Options

-FISS Save-
-FISS Load-
-Slider Max Amount-


-Toggle God Mode Hotkey-
-Toggle Collision HotKey-
-Toggle AI Hotkey-
-Toggle Menus Hotkey-
-Cycle Custom Teleport Point-
-Save Custom Teleport Point-
-Teleport To Custom Teleport Point-

Change Log

Change Log: Version
- Added A Mod List Checker(Currently Lists all mods including the mods with nothing in it... Will be fixed later)
- Fixed Some bugs
- Optimized the code by a lot
- Attempted fix for the bug that causes the mod not to initialize. Credits for finding bug: 2men23 and Aristiet
- Fixed jump height reset bug. Credits for finding bug: BuffGameesh
- Added a Notification after toggling transformations(Vampire, Werewolf, Vampire lord and werebear). Suggested by: BuffGameesh
- Added a lot of things to FISS
- Fixed Speedmult bug. Credits for finding bug: richardhamlin2017
- Fixed CarryWeight Bug (Report if it didn't work for you) Credits for finding bug: A lot of you guys
- Attempted fix at hotkey bug. Credits for finding bug: KhrysINXS

Change Log: Version 0.4.9
- Added Edit Game Time Option
- Added 122ish new weather types to Weather Edit option
- Added 20 custom teleport locations
- Added 3 New hotkeys (Cycle Custom Teleports, Save Location and Teleport)
- Added Infinite Lockpicking sweet spot- Added 100% Pickpocket chance
- Added Toggle Equipped Item Pickpocketing
- Added Infinite Enchantment limit
- Added Rune Limit Edit
- Added Conjuration Limit Edit
- Added Edit JumpHeight
- Added No Fall damage Toggle
- Added Disable Guard Reaction
- Change Slider input to Text Input for CarryWeight,  Heal Rate, Magicka
Rate, Stamina Rate, Health, Magicka, Stamina and Skill Level Toggles.
- Optimized Background code and Working on several fixes.
- If you have any feature suggestions or find any bugs, please tell me
- - Also uploaded this now because I was starting to forget what was new and old features - -

Change Log: Version 0.4.8
- Added More Features to the Item menu
- New Item Menu Features
-Add All Ingredients Toggle
- No Ingredients Weight Toggle
- Add Bows and CrossBows
- Beta Version of final item menu(Currently only works for Skyrim, all three
of the DLCs, Immersive Armors, Immersive Weapons, Apocalypse and arcanum.)
- Added Learn all ingredients toggle
- Fixed Attack Damage bug

Change Log: Version 0.4.6
- Added Remote Blessings Activation
- Added Remote Standing Stones Activation
- Added Player Set Scale
- Added Edit Conjuration Limit
- Added Edit Runes Limit
- Added Beta Item Menu (Currently only arrows tho.)
- Fixed some UI Stuff

Change Log: Version 0.4.5
- Added a version check system. (That auto reloads your script if you updated from an older version)
- Added Toggle God Mode Option
- Added Toggle Collision Option
- Added Toggle Menus Option
- Added Toggle AI Option
- Added 4 Hotkeys (For the 4 new options, Suggest any other features that should get a hotkey)
- Fixed some background stuff

Change Log: Version 0.4
- Added MCM Settings page
- Implemented FISS Save and Load Features
- Added God Mode toggle
- Added Input field to change max slider value. (Default: 10000)
- Added Favor Reward Editor
- Added Favor Timer Editor
- Added Disable Hello Dialogue Option
- Added Disable Horse Cost
- Added Disable House Cost
- Added Disable Invest Cost
- Added "Ore and Wood Value Editor" (Only works for job type dialogue options. Example: "I have curodum ore to sell")
- Added Disable Room Cost

Change Log: Version 0.3.9
- Added Global Settings Page
- Added Timescale Editor
- Added Free carriage, ferry and sailing option
- Added Decapitation chance editor
- Added Eclipse toggle
- Added "Disable Miraak Dragon Soul Absorption" Option
- Added Disable Dragons Option
- Added Disable Favor Cost Option
- Added Disable Bribe Delay Option
- Added Disable Flatter Delay Option
- Fixed UI Bug (Credits: BuffGameesh)
- Fixed Dropdown menu bug (Credits: BuffGameesh)
- Fixed Orc Race vampire toggleNote: I have a couple more to do but I am super tired and need sleep.

Change Log: Version 0.3.6
- Added Vampire/Vampire Lord/Werewolf toggle
- Added Vampire lord and Werewolf perk point editor
- Created a carry weight ring that can be attached to followers(Increases carry weight capacity by 1000000)
- Created an enchanting ring that can be equipped(Increases enchanting by 10000)
- Fixed some UI problems.Note: Sorry for the delayed update. Had a lot to do and was researching DLL files.

- Thanks for the Constant Support-
-Special thanks to-