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Makes NPC voices louder, clearer and more distinct during dialogues. (No scripts)

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NPC Dialogue Audio Enhancer is a simple mod that makes dialogues louder and more understandable.

Skyrim SE, by default, have low volume for dialogues because of the use of HRTF attenuated sound format for voices. This was implemented to simulate a 3 dimensional propagation effect for sounds as they are coming from different directions with varying distances. However, the vanilla implementation was not well optimised, resulting in dialogues being overwhelmed by other sounds such as music or sound effects making them barely audible. This issue is more noticeable especially when using headphones. NPC  Dialogue Audio Enhancer mod fixes this issue by increasing the channel output levels and tweaking the attenuation curves of Sound Output Model (SOM) records that affect dialogues and voices.

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ESL flagged

Comparison video made by user Butascratch, thanks:

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