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Experience realistic movement like never seen before with enhanced behaviors allowing for proper direction transitions, momentum stop, and much more!

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  • Immersive transitioning behavior added to running movement when switching to the opposite direction for both weapon drawn/sheathed
  • Realistic stopping behavior added to the end of sprinting to apply in various scenarios (e.g., idled, unsheathed, shield charge)
  • New unique crouch sliding animation as an additional alternative to the Sneak Skill Tree's "silent roll" mechanic
  • Compliments speed change mods and other movement related mods (such as Classic Sprinting Redone)
  • Fitting animations designed for all weapon types/magic casting to transition to during added behavior
  • Incorporates dservant's procedural leaning mechanic with adjusted values and slight formulaic changes
  • Minute changes to behavior values for movement types
  • Recommended .ini edits for more responsive movement
  • Compatibility with other behavior mods through Nemesis patch
  • Available for both SE and LE versions


  • Install with your preferred mod manager and follow instructions in the FOMOD.
  • Uninstall with your mod manager.


*Most other behavior mods should be fully compatible once patched with Nemesis Engine


Special thanks to Project New Reign server members for all the support and AiElias for the thorough testing of the mod!