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A compact, convenient, easily navigable player house packed with the latest, most advanced features of Skyrim player homes. There are two versions - one for Vanilla SSE, and one integrated with Legacy of the Dragonborn.

Permissions and credits

I am so excited to re-release a fully redone version of my old mod from the Steam Workshop! The only thing it shares is a name and a vision: a player house mod that is compact, yet visually appealing and highly functional, with nothing held back. Also, I am thrilled to have an alternate version of this mod fully incorporated with the amazing Legacy of the Dragonborn by icecreamassassin. Explore the features below!

How to acquire the Dovah Den

The Dovah Den was built in the Rift by the Akaviri in the First Era for Reman Cyrodiil and all other Dragonborns to come after him. Further information is kept by the remaining Blades who are based in Skryim.

The map marker does not show until you find it for those who enjoy the reward of finding something :)

Please note: Because the Legacy of the Dragonborn version of this mod is heavily integrated with LoTD, the strongbox with the key and directions will not appear until you have been granted access to the safehouse in the Dragonborn Gallery. 

Key and note location (spoiler)


Location of the Dovah Den for those who don't want to look for it/can't find it (spoiler)


  • Majority of containers and crafting stations in a convenient, central location
  • Tons of labeled storage chests
  • Auto-sorting system that sends your items to their respective labeled containers
  • Auto-looting system that adds materials to your inventory from your containers when you use certain crafting stations in the Dovah Den. The system returns the items to where they were when you are done crafting. This can be disabled with a button on the wall next to the forge.
  • Teleport Spell that takes you to the Dovah Den, and back to where you were when you cast it again while still inside.
  • Every crafting station available in Vanilla Skyrim SE
  • Three new crafting stations: Disenchanting Font, Soul Extractor (turns your enchanted items into soul gems based on their charge), and a Soul Gem Transmorgrophier (combines your smaller soul gems into larger ones). See credits for the resource :)
  • Every shrine in Vanilla Skyrim SE (activate the shrine base in the Library)
  • Display area for unique quest items found throughout the game, with three special displays that enable when you complete certain quests.
  • Beds for two followers (requires a mod like Nether's Follower Framework)
  • A few decor customization options
  • Garden
  • Library
  • Bedroom with multiple bed options
  • Wastebaskets around the house for your unwanted items (items are discarded every three in-game days)
  • Mirror in bedroom for changing your appearance 

Additional Features with Legacy of the Dragonborn Version

  • Fully linked into Legacy's storage system and CraftLoot (enabled if you choose to only have it work at Legacy locations)
  • Library linked to the Dragonborn Gallery's Library, with access to the bookcases, book return, card catalogs and reading chairs
  • Chest that will take all the items you have chosen to sort in the safehouse out of your inventory and put them in their respective container
  • Museum display sort chest (same as the one in Auryen's office)
  • Sell chest from the safehouse that sells your items and puts the income in a strongbox (won't work until you've set it up with Auryen)
  • Butter churn and flour mortar and pestle added to the kitchen
  • Display room replaced with one-way portal room to various locations in the Dragonborn Gallery
  • Added woodpile, recipe book, treasury and fate card linked storage
  • Half the mannequins are female so you can see how armor looks on men and women


  • No known incompatibilities within the plugin, just be sure to turn off crafting auto-looting (standard version) if you use another mod that does the same thing but throughout Skyrim. Otherwise, it contains no edits to objects in vanilla Skyrim SE other than the area around the entrance which is otherwise unused.
  • Many assets included are from commonly used resource packs. I have packaged meshes in their own directory to prevent them from being overwritten or overwriting another mod. Packaged textures will still use texture packs if you have them (i.e. painting replacer).


  • Easy FOMOD installer included, so make sure you use a supported mod manager (Vortex or Mod Organizer 2)!
  • All Skyrim mods are best installed before you start your playthrough. If you choose to install this mid-game, put it at the bottom of your load order and don't sort your plugins to prevent jumbling of formIDs. 
  • I do not recommend you uninstall this (or any mod) mid-save because it contains scripts, if you decide you don't like it (sadface) just ignore it for the rest of your playthrough. Uninstallation between playthroughs can be done simply with your mod manager, or manually deleting the ESP and two BSAs from your data folder.

Check out this awesome showcase of the Dovah Den by Febrith Darkstar!

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Special thanks to Lewna, my longtime friend and internet den mother, who created the vision and concept for this mod with me back in 2013, and she was instrumental in the planning of this one. Thanks Lew :)