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A retexture of Skyrim's caves, with a complete overhaul for the ice caves to make them look like actual ice. Offered in 4k, 2k, and 1k texture quality with parallax options.

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I'm not sure about everyone else but it always kind of bugged me how the ice caves in Skyrim never really felt like actual ice, but some walls and rocks with crappy white paint slapped on them via the ice shader.  So I decided to do something about it and this mod aims to completely change the visuals of ice caves for the better by replacing all of the ice cave meshes with ones utilizing multilayer parallax to achieve this effect.  I also also used this same process along with added transparency to the icicles in the caves, which have their own textures.  Unfortunately, an ESP is also required due to the funky way multilayer parallax meshes react to the ice shader so I had to disable it from applying to every mesh that I changed.  The good news is that it's flagged as an ESPFE so it will not take up a spot in your load order.  I've also covered the normal green cave textures, along with giving blackreach rocks their own textures, and changing the cave rocks to have their own normals for better visuals.  This included the textures for dirt cliffs in caves as well.  Also, a huge credit to Cabal120 whose fantastic green cave textures I used as a base to create my own.  A lot of work went into this mod and I hope everybody enjoys it!

Arthmoor for USSEP - meshes from this mod are included
Brumbek for SMIM - meshes from this mod are included
Somerandomguy83 for Enhanced Textures Detail UV Tweaks - the cave rocks and boulder meshes are from this mod
Cabal120 for aMidianBorn Caves - his textures for green caves were used as a base
linnbrown for Ice Cave Parallax Improved - this mod's settings were used as a base and went from there