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The CBBE SSE version of the mod "Ov Leather Armor". Bodyslide and physics support included. Uploaded with permission of the original author.

Permissions and credits

Ov Leather Armor SSE - CBBE BodySlide


This mods adds the Ov Leather Armor set, a light female armor for the CBBE body. I always loved this armor so I decided to bring it to SSE.
The outfit supports CBBE Body, CBBE Body Physics and CBBE 3BBB Body.

The mod contains 9 armor pieces available in original brown and black color. The armor comes with prebuilt meshes for the standard CBBE Curvy Body.
Different shapes including physics variants for two armor pieces can be built using BodySlide and Outfit Studio.

All items can be crafted and tempered.
The stats of the items are comparable to nightingale armor. The mod comes in English, German and Spanish language.

Note: You always need to wear either the jacket or the corset to get the body shape. The vest is the same as the jacket but without the body mesh and a different slot, so that the vest can be used together with the corset.

How to get this armor ?

You can buy all armor pieces from Belethor.

You can buy the crafting book from Belethor (or add the book via console or the use of AddItemMenu) and use a forge to create the armor.
For crafting you will need the crafting perk: ELVEN
To craft the armor you need to have the crafting book "Crafting Manual - Ov Leather Armor" in your inventory. Otherwise the items will not show up at the forge.

You can use the mod AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer to obtain the armor.

You can add the items via console using the following item ID's:

Note: You must replace the "XX" with your specific mod index.
Ov Leather Amulet - XX000800
Ov Leather Armlets - XX000801
Ov Leather Belt - XX000802
Ov Leather Boots - XX000803
Ov Leather Cape - XX000804
Ov Leather Corset - XX000805
Ov Leather Gloves - XX000806
Ov Leather Vest - XX000807
Ov Leather Pants - XX000808
Ov Leather Jacket - XX000809
Ov Black Leather Armlets - XX000811
Ov Black Leather Belt - XX000812
Ov Black Leather Boots- XX000813
Ov Black Leather Cape- XX000814
Ov Black Leather Corset - XX000815
Ov Black Leather Gloves - XX000816
Ov Black Leather Vest - XX000817
Ov Black Leather Pants - XX000818
Ov Black Leather Jacket - XX000819
Crafting Manual - Ov Leather Armor - XX000F00

IMPORTANT: The item ID's are valid only when you use an ESP version of the mod. When using the ESPFE version most of the item ID's are changed.

How to install ?

Use a mod manager of your choice:

Mod Organizer 2, Nexus Mod Manager, Vortex:

Install as usual. Run the FOMOD-installer and choose your options.

Wrye Bash:
Not tested. The newest WB supports FOMOD installers. If it doesn't work you can use MO2 or NMM to pick your poison and repack the result as 7zip-file. After that you can install the new created archive in WB.

Manual installation:

not supported

Install mid-playthrough?

Uninstall mid-playthrough?
Neither tested nor recommended. However if you really want, it shouldn't cause issues.


CBBE - Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer

BodySlide and Outfit Studio

When you choose to build armor pieces with physics you will need XP32 Skeleton. In addition you need CBP Physics or CBPC - Physics with Collisions or HDT-SMP.


This mod adds new items to the game without altering any original game data. So the mod should be compatible with everything. The items where added to Belethor with the use of quest aliases without touching any levelled lists. For this reason a bashed patch is not required in order to use this mod.

Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade  by Kryptopyr - Fully compatible. CCO globals were added to every recipe.

Frostfall by Chesko - The armors are fully compatible with Frostfall. The armor pieces have a warmth and coverage rating. No further patch is required.

Survival Mode - Fully compatible. Survival keywords were added to the armor pieces.

Known Issues

I did my best to get rid of as much clipping as possible. However a bit clipping can occur anyway. I tested the meshes for the most common presets and they work fine.
When you find clipping, please report exactly where and which build from BodySlide you use, at best with providing a screenshot.

Please note, that wearing the corset is always needed to get the right shape. Trying to wear the jacket or pants without corset will most likely result in (heavy) clipping.

Mods used in pictures

Haze - Weather Seasons Atmosphere Overhaul
Better FaceLight and Conversation Redux
Expressive Facial Animation
and many more


Q: Do you have permission from Ovenly to publish the mod?
A: Yes, I have.

Q: Can you provide light plugins ?
A: Yes. You can choose between ESP and ESPFE plugin.

Q: Does this mod work with Skyrim VR ?
A: Usually this kind of mod should work, but I don't know it for sure. I don't own VR equipment and cannot test it. You have to find it out by yourself.

Q: Can you port the mod for XB1 ?
A: No. I don't use XB1.

Q: is this armor added to leveled lists?
A: No. But you can buy all armor pieces from Belethor in a lorefriendly way.

Q: 7Base? UNP? UNPB?
A: No.

Q: Does this mod use scripts?
A: No.

Q: I found a bug.
A: Oh damn! Please report it in the bugs section of this page. Try to describe the issue as accurate as possible and mention the version you use.
    I will try to fix as soon as possible.

Q: Is this armor lore-friendly ?
A: Maybe yes, maybe not.

Q: Can you add ... ? / Can you change ... ?
A: Maybe. Feel free to ask.

Q: I don't like this armor.
A: I don't need any complaints how you don't like the mod. Simply move on and use a mod you like.


Credits and special thanks to
Ovenly for creating this mod in the first place and allowing me to publish the mod. Original Mod
Celiand for the spanish translation
Ousnius and Caliente for CBBE Body and BodySlide and Outfit Studio
LucyAuditore for beta testing and providing some beautiful screenshots
docteure for useful tips
Bethesda for Skyrim SE and the Creation Kit

Thank You

Thank you for checking out the mod. I did my best to provide a good mod for YOU.

Please come back and endorse when you like the mod. Thank you.