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Replaces The Bond of Matrimony with two new models.

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This mod replaces the unique Ring 'The Bond of Matrimony', which you and your spouse get from Maramal after getting married. There are two different versions, one for females and one for male characters. The female version just has a gem attached to it.
Besides that I added the Keyword to block enchanting/disenchanting, so you don't destroy it by mistake.

How to obtain them in-game:
The Bonds of Matrimony

Optional Files:
you can customize the rings with different metal and gem textures, if you like the silver/sapphire as shown in the screenshots, just skip them. Check the optional pictures. For they are basically the same as in my Skyring mod. Choose whatever you like and overwrite the files.

  • Amethyst
  • Emerald
  • Ruby

  • Bronze
  • Dark Bronze
  • Ebony
  • Gold
  • Quicksilver

  • mods which edit the same item

  • male and female 
  • Once equipped the Ring will be displayed on the ring finger of the left hand, and use Slot 51 similar to my Skyring mod it is recommended to use "Left Hand Rings Modified SE" to have it visible in first person.


  • copy all files in your data folder
  • activate the esp files as usual
1.0, 07/02/2020 -  Initial release.

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
Thanks to the entire modding community for being awesome.