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About this mod

Allow you add custom idle animations into the game and play through a wheelmenu. Time to create your exclusive custom emote wheelmenu in Skyrim!

Permissions and credits

This mod allows you insert up to 56 different custom idle animations into the game, select and play all these inserted animations through a wheelmenu.

Three main features:

(1) Allows you insert up to 56 new idle animations. each of the inserted animation can be played by click the specify option you have set in the wheel menu.

(2) Allow you insert a "loop animation", which will play cyclically until you call a stop.

(3) Allow you modify the state and name of each wheel menu option, which means you can disable the unused option or rename the option name to your inserted animation name.

Through these 3 features above, I believe you can create your exclusive emote wheelmenu in skyrim!

Additional feature:

Allows you create your own custom emote wheel as a separate mod based on this mod.
see the "instruction for modders" below for detail.

How to setup:

(1) make sure you already installed SKSE, UIExtensionsSkyUIDynamic Animation ReplacerFNIS or Nemesis

(2) Dowonload this mod, install the mod's files with mod manager.

(3) For FNIS Users:

 a) go to "Data\tools" Path, find and click "GenerateFNIS_for_Modders.exe", open and click "Generate Mod Behaviour".

 b) Navigate to "Data\meshes\actors\Character\animations\CustomIdleWheelMenu" folder, select and open "FNIS_CustomIdleWheelMenu_List" TXT file.  As the picture shown below. 

 c) If you saw the same messages are shown like the picture below, that means your operation is correct.

      d) Open "GenerateFNISforUsers.exe"(the red one), and update FNIS behaviour.

(4) For Nemesis Users:

Click "Lauch Nemesis Behavior Enigne", then click "Update Enigne".

How to use :

Brief Instruction:

(1) Map a Hotkey in MCM to open the WheelMenu.

(2) Enable slot options in MCM to enable the WheelMenu animations slot options.

(3) set the animation type of this animation slot.

 "Basic" Animation Type would play a one time only idle animation, while "loop" animation type would play cyclically until you call a stop.

(4) Save the game and quit to the desktop.

Go to the corresponding folder to replace the corresponding hkx animtion file.

To do that, go to the "Data\meshes\actors\Character\animations\DynamicAnimationReplacer\_CustomConditions\3130XX" folder, XX repersents the Slot index of the animation. For example, 313034 means the Slot 4 of Group 3.

After figure out which folder your animation in,  go to the "CustomIdleWheelMenu" folder, and replace the "CIWM_BasicIdle.hkx" or "CIWM_LoopIdle.hkx" HKX file ( depends on your animation type).

(5) Go to "Data\Interface\translations", open "CustomIdleWheelMenu_english.txt"( or your own language version) to rename the name of your animation slot option in wheelmenu.

(6) You can use "FISS Setting" to export your MCM configurations, then you can share it between different game saves.
FileAccess Interface for Skyrim Script - FISS )

Detail Instruction: 


Instruction for modders:

To create a custom emote menu and publish as a sperate mod, following instructions below:

(1) set your own custom idle wheelmenu in game first.

(2) go to "FISS Setting", click  "Export MCM configurations" to export your MCM configurations.

(3) pack all the files below:

a)  Animation files:

b) Translation file:

c) MCM Configures file:


Using this mod together with Enhanced WheelMenu Control should improve the experience of wheelmenu control if you are mouse&keyboard users!

Compatibility Issue:

Incompatible with 
Idle Animations WheelMenu. Choose between this mod or CIWM.


expired6978 for his UIExtensions

Felisky384 for his Dynamic Animation Replacer