About this mod

This is a wide addition to Lord Haun's Magicka Sabers. It includes various lightsabers from Star Wars, both EU and canon.

Permissions and credits


Magicka sabers included within this mod are:

- Crossguard Lightsabers with custom ON/OFF, idle and swings sounds

- Double-bladed Lightsabers (1H and 2H) with custom ON/OFF and swings sounds

- Lightsaber Pikes (long-handle) 

- 2 Mages Staff with sabers

- Dagger Sabers along with their reversed variants

- The very unique Darksaber ! A Black-bladed 1H/2H Lightsaber with custom ON/OFF, idle and swings sounds

- Tonfa Sabers with their Reversed Variants 

NEW ! If you use an ENB that supports ENB Lights, lightsabers will emit... Well, lights ! In third person only though. Enemy sabers emit light just fine regardless if you use Third or First person


1.  EXISTING SABERS (hilt with saber blades) under DAEDRIC category

2.  HILTS ONLY:  Found under EBONY category.  Used for customizing different saber colors and hilts. 
NOTE:  ENCHANT the blade by DISENCHANTING an EXISTING saber from DAEDRIC category!  Only a single saber enchantment can be used for enchanting hilts. 2 or more enchantments will result in invisible sabers.  


All colors below from Lord Haun's original mod will be included with these sabers:

- Blue
- Cyan
- Green
- Orange
- Red
- Pink
- Violet
- White
- Yellow


Along with these, you can craft powerful unique Lightsabers which belonged to even more powerful Heroes of the Star Wars Mythos !

Revan and Darth Revan's ( KOTOR, SWOTOR ) Lightsaber ( 1H and 2H for Darth Revan's and Only 1H for Revan's )
Obi Wan Kenobi's ( EP I and II ) Lightsaber ( 1H and 2H )
Qui Gon Jin's ( EP I ) Lightsaber ( 1H and 2H )
Darth Maul's ( EP I ) Double-Bladed Lightsaber ( 1H and 2H ) with double-bladed Lightsaber sounds along with its' single bladed, broken variant ( 1H and 2H )
Anakin Skywalker's ( EP II ) Lightsaber ( 1H and 2H )
Yoda's ( EP II, III ) Lightsaber ( 1H )
Count Dooku / Darth Tyranus' ( EP II and III ) Lightsaber ( 1H ) with custom " Sith " ignite sound
Ben Kenobi's ( EP III and IV ) Lightsaber ( 1H and 2H )
Mace Windu's ( EP II and III ) Lightsaber ( 1H and 2H )
Darth Sidious / Palpatine's ( EP III ) Lightsaber with custom " Sith " ignite sound ( 1H )
The Skywalker Family's ( EP III, IV, V, VII ) Lightsaber ( 1H and 2H )
Darth Vader's ( EP IV, V, VI ) Lightsaber with custom " Sith " ignite sound ( 1H and 2H )

Luke Skywalker's ( EP VI ) Lightsaber with custom ON/OFF sounds ( 1H and 2H ) 
Kylo Ren's ( EP VII ) Crossguard Lightsaber with Crossguard sounds ( 1H )

You can also craft 2 unenchanted Lightsaber Hilts in either 1 or 2 handed version in order to enchant them with the color you like the most !

You can also craft hilts based on Vanilla weapons ! Those include :
Akaviri Hilt
Daedric Hilt ( 2H )
Dragonbone hilt
Dwemer Pike Hilt
Ebony Hilt ( 2H )
Ebony Crossguard hilt
Elven Hilt
Magnus Hilt
Magnus Double Hilt ( 1h )
Molag Bal hilt
Necromancer hilt
Wabbajack hilt
Ysgramor double hilt ( 2H )

There are also some minor clipping issues with the crossguard and double lightsaber.  I've done what I can to minimize that.  Best bet is to use them with a different animation mod.  If there is another one that works better, please let me know!  Either way, the clipping experience shouldn't be terribly annoying.


No quest is included, but the sabers are still able to be created and tempered at a smithing location, or you can acquire them through console commands (i.e. help crossguard).  

I will be adding item codes at a later time for those who prefer to jump straight into the game with the sabers versus waiting for the Daedric smithing perk.  

You can use the leveled-list integration plugin if you want NPCs and other weapon-wielding creatures to use lightsabers. Enemies using war axes uses single-handed double sabers ; maces are 1H Crossguard ; daggers are daggers ; swords are 1H sabers ; battleaxes are 2H double sabers ; greatswords are 2H crossguard and regular 2H sabers ; warhammers are pikes.


I've found two in particular that have greatly enhanced the fun with these sabers:

- Violens (one everyone knows well):

- The ENB light particules are too bright for your ENB ? Try using this :

- Nexus Mod Manager:  Click that big green button, sit back, and wait for mod to be installed.

- Manual:  Unzip the file, then place into the "Data" folder of your Skyrim.  It may overwrite some of the original files if you have Magicka Sabers already, but it will add the new ones just the same.


Please feel free to report any bugs and I'll see what I can do.  

There will definitely be some fine tuning to these sabers over the coming weeks when I can make time.  I'm pretty busy on the outside with work and my brood of rugrats, so I will update when I can.  Feel free to provide any and all feedback or anything you would like to see in the future!  To the modders and supporters in the community:  thank you for all you have done to keep Skyrim alive for this long.  :)


Q:  Why aren't any sabers showing up in-game (i.e. invisible)?

A:  Check to see if the Magicka Sabers Unique.esp is checked.  In addition, ensure the mesh/texture files are allocated in the correct location.

i.e. Data\meshes\weapons\MagickaSabers

Q:  Do I need the original Magicka Sabers with your mod?

A:  No.  Initially, this was the case, but now the assets used can work independently from the original Magicka Sabers mod.

Q:  Is Unique Magicka Sabers compatible with other Star Wars mods?

A:  Yes and No.  We have not tested every Star Wars mod, nor do we use all of them.  There is a possibility of conflict depending on how those mods alter Magicka Saber meshes, enchantments, etc.  Check the message board for those that have confirmed that certain mods are compatible.  

Q:  Is Unique Magicka Sabers compatible with Steam mods?

A:  See above.  

As in the permissions section, all credit goes to Lord Haun and team.  If you like this mod, please feel free to endorse! :)