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A conversion of the fantastic mod by person123456789

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This is just a SSE conversion of the nice sit animations by person123456789. He has long left the Nexus but gave permission to use his mod as will as long as he gets credit, so here we are. Be sure to endorse the original mod:

Installation: Just select one of the three folders (this will REPLACE the default female sitting animation; you can't have the three at the same time) and drop the content in your data folder.

I have just added a FOMOD installer that
karlarsch1913 was kind enought to provide for you mod manager needs.

This will install the mod for all NPCs and your female character; if you only want the animation to be used only by your character of specific NPCs/races, use the mod Dynamic Animation replacer.

Version 1.4 uses Dynamic Animation Replacer system: it will make your female character use the three animations at random. It'll not replace the vanilla normal animation, so you will also see it in the mix or you can feel free to replace it for another one (maybe from the nice Pretty Sit Idles mod).

Last version has adjusted numbers in the config files so you should see every animation with a 25% chance. This includes the 3 this mod provides and the replacer you have installed in your game (or the vanilla sit animation).

I named the custom conditions folders 3318, 3319 and 3320; If you use another DAR mod with those folders, it'll conflict, but you only need to renumber them and I think you can use anything up to 2147483647.

Disclaimer: It's irrelevant if you think this mod is "unrealistic" or something of the sort (also, you need to get out more often, lulz); fortunately, the beauty of modding is that no one needs to download
anything he doesn't want, so, if you don't like the mod, keep your comments and just close the page.

I also can't take constructive criticism since I didn't make the mod and lack the knowledge to make adjustment/fixes. I just converted it for the enjoyment of those that don't know how.

Just in case someone wants the outfit of the first pictures (but it's ooold, for Oldrim and no bodyslide/jiggling tits and ass):