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replaces skyrim female sitting animation with a more feminine pose

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Pose 1 last updated april 27th, 2012 to fix hand clipping (again). thx Saku74 for testing for me over and over again
Pose 3 updated april 26th, 2012 to fix height problem

Extract into skyrim Dir to install.

Replaces skyrim female sitting animation with a more feminine pose (affects all females, see image).

There are 3 options but the second pose will probably make your character float in air while sitting. I have lost the max scene for it and there is some trouble in re-import/exporting the animation file so I can't do anything.

There is also a lower version of pose 1 and 3. This is due to the different skeletons that people use which puts the character at a different height in game (check screenshots).

Not much else to say :/ first attempt at animation modding.

Inspired by Narae pose from oblivion and special tx to Animation Tutorial for 3DsMax by xp32 and aeon for the amazing tutorial now my skyrim can look sexy woot.

For people asking to change the vanilla cross-armed animation and other skyrim sit animations it is too hard for me right now because I will need to make animation for when the char moves from pose 1 to pose 2 etc, and I do not even know how to import the 2 poses onto the same scene in 3ds max (because if I try to import something I made, weird stuff happens, prolly caz im not using the havok content tools exporter properly on exporting, any help would be appreciated).

Also there are many animation files which seem to relate to sitting in skyrim and I do not know under what circumstances each play so I cannot just use pose 1 for this situation and pose 2 for another etc etc. I know there is like 10 chair_idle animations (basevar1, basevar2, idlearmscrossedvar1, var2, idlebasevar1, var1 shoulders, etcetc). but i have not rly noticed when skyrim plays them so I do not rly know how I can use them. Also as stated above if I want to do this I must make transitional animations which is too hard for me now. The only reason i use chair_idlebasevar1.hkx is because it is the one that always plays when u sit.

For the people asking about clothes:
The clothes in the pictures are longboots by victyeung from oblivion (not released for skyrim) and the skirt and clothes, as well as the heels are by arrow and knee mod team from some mod on some other forum (might be on nexus idk). The shorts in the pose 2 picture is ripped from resident evil 0 gamecube. Everything is also edited by me so the body proportions are thinner and longer. Do not ask me for clothes because of many things like copyrights and clipping - they do not fit any body type except my customized CBBE body mesh which is skinnier than any body type out there. I am also too lazy to find textures and put anything together in an easy to install manner.