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Do you feel like something's missing in Skyrim's settlements? Maybe there's just not enough of something that you already have, but you can't quite figure out what? It's obvious: You need less people and more wild animals in your cities. This mod randomizes the race of each base race NPC to one of the creatures in a list.

Permissions and credits
Inspired by a reddit suggestion, this mod will turn each NPC into either a:
  • Mudcrab
  • Deer
  • Goat
  • Bear
  • Horker
  • Spider
  • Chaurus
  • Ice Wraith
  • Spriggan

You will probably need to put this way down in your load order, and this will likely be incompatible with anything that modifies the people races (unless someone makes a patch for it)

Another list
  • What is this, a joke? Yeah probably
  • So like, these animals talk and open doors and stuff? Most of the time
  • Why doesn't your mod title have an exclamation point? Because Nexus does not allow it. I know, it really does ruin the whole mod.
  • Why? Good question.

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