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Changes spell tomes to no longer teach spells but instead show the archetypes used by Spell Research.

Permissions and credits
I really love the mod Spell Research, but the problem I felt is that the entire mod could be circumvented by still buying spell tomes from mages.  This mod aims to fix that.  Spell tomes will no longer teach you the spell. Instead they will contain the archetypes used by Spell Research. You still have to write the theses needed, and compose a spell in Spell Research.  I feel this adds to immersion as you no longer eat spell books.  They're just another book. Instead you read about the spell and then go practice it and experiment with it on your own.

I've tried to make the spell tome text as lore-friendly as possible though if anyone finds any glaring errors please let me know.

Goals are to include all the popular spell mods supported by Spell Research.

Archery Gameplay Overhaul
Cutting Room Floor
Dawnguard Arsenal
Shadow Spell Package***
Wards Functionality Extended

***Shadow Spell Package tomes have been modified, however a few of the spell are actually powers* and one is an ability**
*Conjure Darkness
*Dark Sun
*Life Tap
**Shadow Enchantments
I decided not to modify these spell tomes as I felt that utilizing them as powers still fits with the theme of Spell Research. The exception being Dark Sun as your character physically casts the spell.  They should still be able to be discovered with Spell Research but beware that reading the spell tome of these % abilities will cause you to learn the spell.

****Apocalypse spells have been modified. Beginning with Apocalypse, I changed the way spells are described in the spell tomes.  I've brought them more in line with how Spell Research displays archetypes. As with Shadow Spell Package, some of the spells are not included. The legacy spells in Apocalypse are only available through the console. A few spells are left handed spells which cannot studied, though they should still be discoverable via researching. The spell tomes for these spells will work the same aas in Vanilla Skyrim.

To Do:
Epic Restoration (Doesn't seem to be currently supported with the latest version of Spell Research (2.2.2) and the Spell Research Patch Compendium)
Arcanum (Receiving an update soon which will be adding new spells and reworking some existing spells. Update may break compatibility with Spell Research)
Mysticism (this isn't currently supported by Spell Research, only through a third party patch. Some of the spells alter vanilla spells so there may be some inconsistencies if using Mysticism in conjunction with this mod)
Any suggested spell mods

Future plan
Rework entire mod to allow the study of spell tomes to earn archetype XP.  This is currently beyond my modding ability so if anyone has any insight into going about this process, I would greatly appreciate the help.  Feel free to reach out to me either here or on Discord @whenallareone#2929

IronDusk33 for Spell Research
Santheos for creating Spell Research Theses List
Suprmantt88 for giving me the idea for this mod after a discussion about what we'd like to see