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A port of 'Star Wars Ahsoka Tano Head and Tattoo' by Zotic, with his permission.

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“Master Skywalker and I hold what we call aggressive negotiations all the time.” 

If you have ever wanted to play as Ahsoka or a Togruta from Star Wars, this is your chance.

All credit goes too Zotic for making the mod for oldrim and also to melkshape who is the original creator of the 3D model!
You can check out the original mod right here!


There are two files in the files section both can be installed via NMM or your manager of choice! They are independent so if you only want the hair or vice versa you only need to install the one file!

This is the for montrals/hair and does not require any other mods to work! It can be equipped in the hair section of the race menu.

This is her for iconic facial tattoos, it requires RaceMenu by Expired. It can be applied in the Makeup or Face paint added by Racemenu.

The tattoo textures are in 2k, for these to display in full resolution you need to add this line to your skse.ini file located in the SKSE folder in your Skyrim SE data folder.



More Credit

Once again big thanks to Zotic and melkshape for the OG mod, I have simply ported it :)

"May the force be with you"  - zotic