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Give Whiterun a more traditional medieval look with this light-weight re-texturing!

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Let's face it.  Whiterun is a bit of a dump!  I've never been a fan of the golden roofs and faded blue paint.  But I spend a lot of time there when I play Skyrim!  This mod is a simple re-texturing of Whiterun's houses, using the color scheme of existing vanilla resources used within the hold, to make the architecture look more akin to medieval German fachwerk.  Since it only consists of texture files, it should be compatible with just about anything else.  And since the Skaal Village in Dragonborn uses Whiterun textures, this mod will change the appearance of those buildings as well.  Some of my other mods, recommended to enhance Whiterun:  A Greener Skyrim Lite (as seen in the screenshots), Better Breezehome Living and Better Companions Living.  Also, if you would like to enjoy Daggerfall's Main Quest in TESV, check out Skygerfall!