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Toggleable and customizeable bullet time. Grants the "Magister's Reflexes" Power. An adjustable, and toggleable slow-time lesser power that consumes a selected attribute. Key-bind option included.

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Looking to use your attributes to perform bullet time-esc fighting? Now you can, with a customizable, key-binding, toggleable power that expends a selected attribute to slow time and automatically ends.


  • A toggleable power, Magister's Reflexes, that grants the ability to slow time at the expense of a selected attribute (default Magicka)
  • An MCM menu with the option of binding Magister's Reflexes to an alternate key (default X) rather than as a power and sliders.
  • Full customization of spell effect magnitudes for balancing purposes (default .30 Time Stop, 20 Magicka Drain)
  • Full customization of cut-off values for time and attribute value (default 0 and 0)
  • Light-weight, small mod size.


For script functionality.
For MCM capabilities and changing the toggle key.


How to install or uninstall

To install: Add the mod to your load order and activate it. Using the MCM will grant you the powers. Utilize the MCM menu to activate/alter the

To uninstall: Remove the mod. Use a save game cleaner to remove any orphaned scripts. Highly recommended to return to a clean save due to the presence of scripts.