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A lightweight Standing Stone overhaul that reduces the bonuses received as you level up. Intended to make the early game a bit easier and ease you into difficulty-increasing mods or overhauls.

Permissions and credits
Glory's Scaling Standing Stones

Proof of concept, difficulty adjuster, and Standing Stone overhaul all in one, this mod is intended to adjust the bonuses received from Standing Stones and reduce those bonuses as the player levels up.

At levels 10, 20, and 30, the bonuses granted by the stones are reduced. The complete list of bonuses is as follows:

  • Apprentice: Learn all skills 20/15/10/5% faster; Health, Stamina, and Magicka regeneration reduced by 20/15/10/5%.
  • Atronach: Resist Fire, Frost, Shock, and Magic 25/20/15/10%. 
  • Lady: Fortify Restoration 20/15/10/5.
  • Lord: Fortify Block 20/15/10/5.
  • Lover: Fortify Speech 20/15/10/5.
  • Mage: Fortify Magicka 75/60/45/30 and Magicka Regeneration 25/20/15/10%.
  • Ritual: Fortify Conjuration 20/15/10/5.
  • Serpent: Melee damage increased 20/15/10/5%.
  • Shadow: Fortify Sneak 20/15/10/5.
  • Steed: Carry weight increased by 75/60/45/30 and Unarmed Damage increased by 25/20/15/5%.
  • Thief: Fortify Stamina 75/60/45/30 and Stamina Regeneration 25/20/15/10%.
  • Tower: Fortify Lockpick 20/15/10/5.
  • Warrior: Fortify Health 75/60/45/30 and Health Regeneration 25/20/15/10%.

Incompatibilities & Requirements
This mod requires USSEP, but nothing else.

This mod is, of course, incompatible with any other Standing Stone overhaul such as Andromeda or Mundus.