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Restore one of the lost beacons of Meridia and earn custodianship of the Chantry of the Dawn.


Corrupt the beacon, granting access to the lair of a long dead Sload necromancer...

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A small change has taken place in a quiet corner of Oblivion; Meridia has unveiled to the steward of her Chantry the long neglected Altar of Extrication.

In order to better confront the reprehensible foulness of necromancy, here the steward may liberate souls from the bondage of their soul gems.

Each liberated soul will manifest as a Luminous Aspect and accompany the steward as a passive follower, administering healing magicks and wards against the undead.

Radiate the light of Her munificence wherever foul darkness abides, and bring salvation and succor to those souls in need of tender mercy...


The Daedric Prince Meridia deplores the undead in all their manifestations, and the ancient Sload necromancer Gulub delighted in using one of her beacons as a keystone to his sunken lair. Now, however, Gulub lies long dead and the beacon is lost to time. That is, until an intrepid adventurer uncovers what was long forgotten by history...

Will you restore the light of dawn? Or will you choose to condemn it, and further the Sload's abominable research?



Chantry of the Dawn

  • Enter Meridia's Blessed Light to remove all diseases and afflictions
  • Make offerings of Bone Meal, Ectoplasm, and Vampire Dust to the Hallowed Dead in return for various rewards
  • New power 'Reprisal' allows teleportation to and from the Chantry
  • All vanilla crafting including custom Enchanting Table (Light of the Magna Ge), Alchemy Lab (Botanical Splendors), and Smelter (Furnace)
  • 4 bookcases, 5 mannequins, 8 weapon racks, 5 storage units including one custom container (Vaunted Relics)  

Thrassian Plague Pit

  • The Driftwood Altar will convert filled Grand Soul Gems into Black Soul Gems
  • The Altar of Salts will conjure a Flame, Frost, or Storm thrall in exchange for a Daedra Heart and the requisite salts
  • New spell 'Gulub's Homecoming' allows teleportation to and from the Pit
  • All vanilla crafting including custom Enchanting Table (Vile Fetish), Alchemy Lab (Desiccated Specimen), and Smelter (Fulminating Bone Heap)
  • 3 bookcases, 4 mannequins, 8 weapon racks, 4 storage units including 3 custom containers (Spectral Armoury, Sload Eggsacs)


None of this would be possible without the mega talents of ElSopa (for his Meridia's Beacon retexture), RedBag (for his seriously visionary reimagining of Morthal), Mathy79 (for brilliant assets of every color and stripe), and the wonderful Nickorasu (for assets too numerous to name), all of whom have generously made their hard work available as modder's resources. If you like anything you see in this mod, you should check them out. Their work is brilliant and inspires me to create!