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A Revamp of the Daedric Artifacts to make them consistent with the lore while making them viable in end game in a perfectly lightweight, balanced, and script free plugin.

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Lore-Based Daedric Artifacts

The Daedric Artifacts of Skyrim were such a letdown when it came to their abilities and damage output. Worse still, some of the artifacts didn't even fit their previous games' counterparts, which is truly immersive breaking and overall upsetting. This mod takes a light, no script approach to increasing the potency of these artifacts to make them useful even in end-game. They are very powerful, but at the same time any custom dual enchanted (LEGENDARY) improved weapon will outclass them in sheer damage output. The balance of these weapons makes them extremely useful in all situations, and even adds some interesting effects and conditions to make the artifacts functional, while remaining completely accurate to the lore of all 5 TES games. Listed below are the changes made to the artifacts and their balances. I also added in some unique descriptions to improve the immersion while explaining new effects.

This is NOT compatible with anything that directly alters the artifacts! Do not ask, it won't work the way it should. If you do not see the new effects and descriptions listed below in your game, then you have a conflict with another mod and need to either delete it or move this below said mod in your load order. However, this mod is perfectly compatible with SIMPLE texture and mesh replacers for the artifacts. (for example, better shaped weapons.)

Can this be ESPFE/ESL'd? No, it cannot, as it directly alters the daedric artifacts and adds new effects, enchantments, and abilities.

Can you do XYZ or remove ABC? Probably not because I'm not making 62 different versions to accommodate a billion different load orders. However, if there is a conflict with a popular mod, I will look into it.

If you have a mod that adds a tempering recipe for the Ebony Blade, REMOVE IT! It will cause BIG issues with this mod on a balancing level. See the Ebony Blade changes below for details.

If you are using the mod "Better Vanilla Perks" you will need to make a manual adjustment to that mod with XEdit in order to have these weapons and armor have the correct stats when tempering them at a smithing table/grindstone. See Sticky for quick easy fix.

The Ebony Mail

Changed Value to 12,000, increased poison damage to 10 points (up from 5), added 25% fire resistance, added 20% magicka resistance, Reduced the weight to 25, decreased the armor rating to 40 (down from 45).

The Ebony Mail in previous games (morrowind being the main) was initially medium armor, and had fire, magic, and shield resistances. I will admit that I was extremely fond of Skyrim's version of the Mail, so I decided to blend the effects and keep the muffle and poisonous cloak due to the quest you go through to obtain it while adding a trade off. The weight was reduced, but so was the armor rating, as the armor was originally medium. Plus, mail has always been inferior to plate armor. It is now equivalent to steel plate armor. This provides a trade off, giving awesome effects and magicka resistances while sacrificing some physical protection, that way it is not considered the best compared to custom or improved end game armor pieces in terms of physical defense.


Base damage is now equivalent to an Ebony Warhammer, added a crit damage of 10, value increased to 7500, Drains the target's health by 20 points for 5 seconds (the target can recover. think of this as lowering the target's max health for a certain time), added a 10% chance to paralyze, kept the absorb stamina, improved with Dwarven smithing perk, Requires Ebony ingot. Increased the enchantment to 5000, and increased the weight to 30 (Daedric Warhammer).

The changes to Volundrung were a blend between the previous games' effects. In Oblivion, the target would be paralyzed and have their health lowered. Paralysis was common throughout the games, along with absorb fatigue (not present in skyrim, hence keeping the absorb stamina). The warhammer was not created by the daedra, but by the dwemer, hence the dwarven smithing requirement to improve it. The warhammer is hefty, and provides excellent damage and utility. However, in terms of raw damage, the weapon can be outclassed by any damage oriented enchanted ebony warhammer or above, making it balanced but still useful and providing a unique 3 piece enchantment while not being Best in Slot (BiS) for crafters

Mehrunes' Razor

Weight increased to 5 (like an ebony dagger), crit damage up to 7 from 6, value increased to 8210, added poison damage (15 points over 1 second), scales with ebony smithing, Instant kill effect left alone, infinite charges.

Mehrunes' Razor had an interesting evolution throughout the games. In Morrowind, it had a unique poison enchantment but lost its instant kill mechanic. In older games such as daggerfall, it would instantly kill the target but lose its health (not a mechanic in skyrim). So I found a blend between the games and Skyrim, and added a unique poison damage effect to the weapon, made it equivalent to a dagger. This makes it exceptionally effective when being used in dual wield builds, keeping the instant kill chance while having the utility to do extra, lore-friendly damage.

The Ebony Blade

Increased the Health absorb damage from 10/14/18/22/30 to 15/20/25/30/40. Increased weight to 12, increased critical damage to 18 (highest in game), Increased reach to 1.3 (normal greatsword length), buffed base damage to 28 (4 higher than daedric greatsword), increased stagger to .95, Increased value to 6500.

Now I know what you are thinking... Why is the Ebony Blade so freaking powerful at base damage? More than dragonbone weapons? Well, because it doesn't have a tempering recipe. This weapon is completely immune to any tempering or alteration via forge in the lore, but the weapon would be completely outclassed by improved weapons of its ilk. So, I brought a new mechanic to it. Instead of being tempered to increase its usefulness, it now has the highest crit damage available in the game and due to it being originally a 1H sword, it swings as fast as one. This weapon can be outclassed by any higher level greatsword with strong damage enchantments, but is extremely unique in the fact that its critical attacks bring it up to par if not slightly better on occasional hits. However, due to this mechanic of the weapon, YOU MUST REMOVE ANY MODS THAT ADD A TEMPERING RECIPE TO THE EBONY BLADE. OTHERWISE IT WILL BE ABSOLUTELY BROKEN. If you have the ability to temper the weapon to legendary (or at all) and you do so, do NOT come to me out balance issues. It was intended to remain at its base damage.


Increased base damage so it is equivalent to a daedric sword, increased fire damage to 30 (up from 10), increased the critical damage to 8, added daedric smithing keyword, added silver keyword (for any mods that alter the behavior of silver weapons via keyword), Increased the chance of explosion to 35%, up from 25%.

Dawnbreaker is unique to Skyrim, so to make it lore-based I couldn't do too much in terms of adding or changing effects entirely. So I merely gave it a buff and some necessary keywords to make it much more effective and useful at endgame, as well as the ability to temper it to legendary. It will most likely be outclassed by custom daedric or dragonbone weapons with stronger enchantments, but you don't lose near as much using it against the undead and you are able to take advantage of that awesome explosive ability without too much hindrance.

The Rueful Axe

Added silver and daedric Artifact keywords, increased the value to 3500, increased base damage to 24 (ebony battleaxe equivalent), scales with ebony smithing, Increased the speed and stagger of the weapon to match Ebony battleaxes, increased weight to 18 up from 10, Added a brand new bleed damage effect that does 5 points of bleed damage for 5 seconds, which stacks (giving about 23 bleed dps when continuously attacking), and added a 25 points of bonus damage to werewolves. Essentially a lighter and unique Ebony Battleaxe

Say what you want about this weapon (if you've even heard of it) but I consider it an artifact on the simple case that it was given by Clavicus Vile himself. That's more than enough to consider it one for me. The weapon was so disappointing in every way except looks in vanilla, being outclassed by even elven weapons. So it got a much needed buff. The bleed effect comes from guards saying "Tis a wicked axe you wield there, friend. That blade looks sharp enough to cut through a god." A battleaxe this sharp should induce extra bleed, therefor it now has it's bleed effect which stacks with the hack and slash perks as well. Plus, due to the axe being given to kill the daughter of a mage who was a werewolf, it felt more than right to make this weapon effective against werewolves and adding the silver keyword.

Mace of Molag Bal

Increased weight to 20, increased crit damage to 8, increased crit chance to 1.25, changed enchantments to absorb stamina and magicka (30 points), removed soul trap and replaced with damage magicka, added daedric smithing scaling, increased value to 9400.

This weapon was already pretty awesome, but I wanted to stay true to the lore of the weapon. It initially absorbed strength and magicka, while being known as an excellent mage killing weapon. Soul trap was unique to the skyrim version so it was removed and replaced with an absorb magicka enchantment instead. This now is an effective mage killer, draining their magicka by 60 points per hit, while giving you stamina. I felt this was an exceptional blend. Outclassed by most daedric or higher weapons with extremely powerful damage orientated enchantments, but still an awesome weapon that fits the bill of being a terrifying and legendary mace.

Sanguine's Rose

Increased value to 5900, increased summon time to 2 minutes rather than 1

Not much was needed to change this without adding new scripts or changing the effect entirely. I kept it basically the same while adding a minor buff and increased its value.

The Wabbajack

Increased the value to 10,000. Increased base damage to 35.

This weapon really didn't need much other than a value and damage boost to fit the lore. 

Skull of Corruption

Increased non-dream buffed damage to 35, increased dream-charged damage to 80. Increased value to 4750.

Originally in the previous games this artifact would clone the enemy and summon a shade that would fight it. However, with a lot of current mods out there that change existing or add brand new animals and creatures, for the sake of keeping it balanced for even modded playthroughs, the weapon remained true to its Skyrim counterpart. 

Ring of Hircine

Increased the value to 7000, if the player is a werewolf, they gain an additional 100 points of stamina and extra 50% stamina regeneration. Transformation effect left untouched.

This ring was originally lore friendly, but the difference between werewolf mechanics in previous games is so vastly different than skyrim's (for example, in the first few, you were forced into werewolf form during moonlight and had to satisfy your blood lust via killing until it was over... ya know, traditional werewolf stuff.) The ring then allowed the user to maintain control over their beast blood during these mechanics so they were allowed to do so at will rather than forced into it. So, I decided to increase the appeal to werewolf users and add a stamina enchantment increase with a hefty portion of regen.

Savior's Hide

Increased value to 6480, Increased base armor to 36, Increased magicka resistance to 30% (up from 15%), increased poison resistance to 75% (from from 50%). Added Ebony smithing scaling. 

This artifact was pretty close to the previous versions, but it was found lacking in tempering, resistances, and base armor. Therefor, it got a buff, rather than an effect change.

Ring of Namira

Increased value to 6400, Stamina enchantment removed, new enchantment reflects all melee damage back at the attacker (This damage is scaled to your difficulty, so it will be extremely overpowered at lower levels while being weaker at higher difficulties.) Cannibalism effect was left unchanged for compatibility with other mods. Added clothingring keyword.

In previous games, this ring would reflect damage back at your attacker. Due to the limitation within the Base skyrim, This only can reflect melee damage. I would need to create a brand new script to get magicka attacks to reflect. This would add script lag and overall really branch away from the basis of this mod as being lightweight and script free. Therefor, the damage reflected is only melee, and the damage reflected is based on your difficulty. If It comes down to it, I can release optional files that increase/decrease values of the ring depending on difficulty. Cannibalism effect was left alone.


Increased the value to 8000, reduced weight to 10, decreased armor rating to 30 (from 38), buffed the ward to absorb 100 points of magicka (up from 50), added dwarven smithing, There is no longer a taper duration, meaning the effect is at full strength immediately when engaged, no ward wind up.

Spellbreaker was an awesome shield in vanilla skyrim, but really suffered when it came to fighting mages as blocking but one higher level spell would decimate your defense, making it almost useless for its design and intent. In previous games, enemy spells would also be reflected but as stated earlier, this isn't possible without custom scripting and I refuse to do so with this mod. Therefor, the ward remains. However, due to this shield being able to scale with a smithing perk and has the strongest base ward in the vanilla game (20 points better than the best magicka ward's base) and being of dwemer make, I reduced its defenses to that of an orcish equivalent. The trade off was sacrificing physical protection for spell protection. (It's called SPELLbreaker, so it should be geared toward SPELLS not physical reduction). 

Oghma Infinium

Increases your levels by 10, rather than 5. Increased value to 13000. 

In previous games, the effect remained similar (besides also effecting attribute points which aren't in skyrim) but increased levels on average by 10. Therefor, it got buffed to increase levels selected by 10. No script necessary.

Masque of Clavicus Vile
Increased speech fortification to 20 (up from 10), increased barter percentage to 25% up from 20%, removed the 5% magicka regen. Reduced weight to 6, DaedricArtifact keyword added, Temper Recipe requires silver ingot rather than steel ingot. 

The masque in previous games fortified speech or personality by 20 points, therefor that fortification is reflected in this version as well. Magicka regen was removed as it was basically useless and not present on any other versions of the masque, and buffed the barter percentage to make up for that wasted 5% magicka regen. 

Azura's/Black Star and Skeleton Key
Only changed their values to 5000/5000/21500. Nothing else needed to be done to these to remain lore consistent.