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A house for Illia after her quest is finished. She says she can't stay in the tower anymore but then she does! This fixes that.

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Juniper's "A House for Illia"

"I want to leave everything from this cursed place behind. Goodbye. And thank you." -Illia

A house for Illia after her quest is finished. She says she can't stay in the tower anymore and wants to leave it all behind, but then she stands outside of the tower at the ritual site forever after her quest. Until now.

This mod adds small cottage farm for Illia between Darklight Tower and Snow-Shod Farm. Illia will live and work around her new cottage and travel to Riften on the weekend to shop after her quest is completed.

Sure she's a dark mage, but leaving it all behind can mean many things. I chose to give her a cottage to heal after her quest.

Illia is one of my favorite NPC followers in Skyrim. She's powerful, her story is heartbreaking, and I usually recruit her to be a steward at one of my Hearthfire homes so she has a place to live. Plus, she can take out a giant on her own. After years of her faithfully being my steward, I have repaid her with a cottage of her own.

I tested this mod until Illia started working correctly and was using her AI packages as intended! She can be a follower and will return to her cottage when dismissed, or she will be your steward and move to your hearthfire house instead if you wish.

Illia should still move to her cottage even if you have already completed her questline previously, unless she is a steward at one of your hearthfire homes. 

Changes to Illia

Illia's post quest AI package has been adjusted so she will move into the cottage after her questline is finished. This adjustment also fixes her AI packages not properly activating due to an incorrect check on the quest. Illia now also has her own unique spell list and no longer uses a template for her behavior, which seemed to be causing her to not use her packages after her quest completion. This mod also adds several New AI packages to Illia so that she will have a life after she leaves the tower. 

I've carried some of Illia's NPC data from the USSEP into this mod, including her CrimeFaction, her attack race, and a couple spells that were not added by the new template I based her spell list on. These changes were all fixes for Illia so she uses her AI packages correctly. I strongly recommend the USSEP for all your playthroughs.

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I checked this mod against my very (very) extensive mod list and there were no serious conflicts. The mods that will cause issues with this one are grass or landscape overhauls. Any grass or landscape mod that adds grass to Rift Leaf and Dirt landscape textures will ruin all the landscaping I did around Illia's house. Her house will be overrun by grass.

This should be compatible with NPC overhauls if they touch Illia, her facegen included is vanilla. The mod is tagged for Wrye Bash bashed patch for her new AI and inventory. A bash patch should resolve any minor issues. If you are getting a dark face on Illia, move this mod higher in your load order (before any mods that change Illia's appearance) and rebuild your bashed patch so Illia's changes are forwarded.