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Adds a pair of miners who set up camp, visit Riverwood, and work in Embershard Mine after you clear it.

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Ever wondered why someone doesn't use Embershard Mine after you clean out the bandits? There's plenty of ore there for the taking, a full forge, leftover tools. Well, now someone will!

Meet Stalgar and Goronk! A pair of childhood friends (though a Nord and an Orc), these two will set up camp right outside the back entrance to the mine next time the cell loads after clearing it. Sure, they could have used the bedrolls in the mine - but who wants to sleep inside a mine? Plus the place is covered in bandit blood and guts til they have the time to clean up the bodies for you. 

This mod is an esl-flagged esp. 

NOW Updated to Version 2.1!! Adds a quest to re-clear the mine if it respawns, and dialogue to the NPCs.

Two versions available - either with voiced, but simplified dialogue, or unvoiced and more detailed dialogue. Choose whichever you'd like. 
(For unvoiced dialogue to be visible, will require Fuz Ro D-oh and therefore SKSE)


This mod does not require a separate framework, and its meant to be lightweight and compatible. Embershard can still respawn normally and be used for radiant quests. I also figured it'd be more immersive to just have a couple freelance miners - with the Civil War going on, repopulating with a dozen and guards seems a bit of a stretch. 

  • Stalgar and Goronk can be found in the mornings eating at their camp. They'll sandbox/work inside or near the largest room of the mine for most of the day (the one with the forge). In the evening, they'll go to the Sleeping Giant Inn for dinner and drinks, until eventually returning to camp to sleep. On the weekends they work only a few hours at the mine, after which they'll spend the day in Riverwood relaxing or helping the townsfolk. 
  • If the mine respawns, our new miners will stick around! They'll be too scared to enter the mine of course, and instead will hang out at their camp during their normal work hours.
  • Both NPCs are protected and do not respawn.
  • Additionally, if conditions are met so that they are able to work in Embershard, the bedrolls and traps will be disabled inside. If the bandits respawn, the traps and bedrolls will respawn with them.

Version 2.0 and above adds dialogue to the miners along with a repeatable misc. quest that will start when the mine is not cleared and their camp's cell gets loaded. Once it starts, Stalgar and Goronk will both have additional dialogue. The quest can be repeated once the mine respawns again, for the same reward, an unlimited number of times. 


Safe to add or update mid-game. I recommend moving to a cell away from the mine/Riverwood if adding to an existing save. 

To get the camp/miners to show up, the cell must reload - therefore your best bet for immediate results is to fast travel to Whiterun and back.


Note: If you see script file conflicts between any of my other mods, don't worry about it. They use identical copies of the same script, which causes Vortex/MO2 to see it as a conflict. You can let them overwrite each other in any order. 

Not compatible with:
  • Skyrim Realistic Conquering - Embershard Mine (not personally tested, but mods wouldn't make sense together and likely have overlapping objects. Install together at your own risk).

Compatible with:
  • Embershard Mine Reloaded (not personally tested, but afaik based on how both are implemented)
  • Any mod not specified (if you find a conflict, let me know)

Load Order:
  • Load higher than lighting mods in order to prevent their lighting space changes from being overwritten
  • Otherwise sorting with Loot should be fine.

Other Notes:

Shout out to the awesome Voice File Reference Tool 2 for making custom dialogue creation a lot easier!

If you enjoy this mod, keep an eye out eventually  for my larger project, "Reviving Skyrim," which will include this mod's NPCs among many others. Reviving Skyrim will add unique NPCs to repopulate Skyrim as you clear dungeons and complete quests, giving you a reason to revisit old locations to see what's changed. It'll also come with new quests and voiced dialogue like what you see here. Stay tuned for more!