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BralorMarr and Remake by LoopsOrLamps

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They say death is permanent. Once you die there's no coming back. Everything you have done will be a staple forever etched to the annals of history. No way to change it.
Well, if that's the case, why die... That's all I got for dramatic preview title.

Permissions and credits

This project is considered complete and as such, will not receive major updates.
A hotfix or even update may be entirely possible, but at the moment, unlikely. Thanks for using!

                  /\)--( \,, 
                                      /              '. . - - - .- -  , , ,
                                        p  ^ . .`                .'     \
                                            `--..  .  /               .        /      \ .
      .-'     (                  /        :     |]\
             (.-'    ) - - - -..__> /     / _    / , ;
            (_.--``        (  __./    (_/ /.|
                                                                             .-._.-'.' ;/
                                                                          '-...-' '
You did it!


- Backup your old saves

- Ensure no daymoyl content is running (NPCs, Scenarios, Items)

- Rollback if that's the case.

- Create a New Save with Daymoyl disabled and uninstalled from the MCM

You must pass this preliminary test or else the mod won't work. This is non-negotiable.

1. In the Main Menu, Open the Console and type "coc warehousemapmarkers"

2. Wait for all MCM Message and Mechanics or Game messages to successfully load

3. Open the Console again and select the Player (make sure Current RefID is "000014")

4. Type "pushactoraway 14 10"

4.5. If nothing happened, the Player is not selected. Try again until something does.

5. Your Player will now be forcibly ragdolled. Let the entire animation play out.

5.5. If your Player got up normally without any disturbance, you are safe to download.

6. BUT, if your Player is suddenly phased and transported "In The Void", YOU MUST FIX IT.

6.5. There could be a variety of reasons why, but either way, IT MUST BE FIXED.

7. Anyone who can't pass this test and claims "It Doesn't Work" will be voided of support.


Either MO2 or Vortex:
- Install into your Original Daymoyl
MERGE w/ Overwriting, DO NOT REPLACE!
Otherwise, it will erase all core files needed and leave only the modified ones.

- Alternatively, you can download as a new mod, so long as it has overwriting privileges.

Manual (Divines Bless You)
- Inject into Daymoyl Directory, having it overwrite all files of the same name.

- ACTIVATE DAYMOYL THEN "MANUALLY RUN QUESTS" <-- This fixes DLC scenarios that the game otherwise can't access and CTDs.

Congratulations. You've successfully updated Daymoyl!


This is a reworked version of the highly popular "Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life." Well... It was. But after so many necessary changes to the point I couldn't believe it, it's now remade. Still, this primarily uses the same assets and functions which the prior had. Except it fixes the bugs it had. AND DOES...

This Title will no longer remain a WIP nor a Base Test. Instead it is now entirely it's own iteration of Death Alternative: Your Money or Your Life.

More details, as well as featured highlights, are included in the Readme located under Docs*.
*Note: The Readme is effectively outdated as of the past update. However, it will still remain as there is no real harm having it.

Testing and Development is now currently concluded as a result of  "What else left is there that I can realistically fix."

The version up is now a Final Product which received a massive amount of testing from many different builds and iterations of my Mod Setup, whether intentional or unintentional. Many things will have been resolved but could also open new problems entirely independent to this version.
The main and ONLY thing I should attest to so far is that ALL BLEEDOUT CTDs AND DEATH SCENARIOS ARE NOW FIXED.

There are also a variety of other new features not implemented in the Original Mod. How you use them is up to you.
Do not expect more updates, hotfixes, and versions in the far-off future. Unless they severely halt my play-through thus forcing me to solve them...

Lamps off. До свидания, товарищ.

Additional Credits and Special Thank:
 LimerenceMods for finding out the backdoor method to compile script files which would fail due to dependecies on SKSE or SkyUI.

 Abundzu for being the first and only official volunteer to confirm changes from testing.

 Metaton for being the first unofficial volunteer to confirm changes from an earlier version.

JediStudley for uploading working versions of "CAPTURED" and "LAL Extension" which allowed me to successfully test and fix its scenarios.

 The entire Skyrim modding Community so I can just blanket thank without needing to add more names.