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Changes the Swimming-Animation depending on Stamina-Level and Armor-Weight.

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DAR: Modesty (LE | SE) ; Dynamic Swimming (LE | SE) ; Onehanded Melee Exhaustion (LE | SE)

Hey there. This small plugin uses the Dynamic Animation Replacer - Framework to change the Swimming-Animation depending on Stamina-Level and Armor-Weight.

- When the Player has low Stamina or wears heavy Armor the Vanilla (almost drown xD)- swimming animation will be played. 
- When conditions above are not given then the Stronger Swimming Animations (Without kick) will be played.
- When you wear heavy Armor and have the heavy Armor Perk "Conditioning" Stronger Swimming Animations (with kick) will  be played.

Please check the Original Page (Here) for Preview-Animations of the Swimming Animations.

Just Unzip the archive into your Data-Folder or use a Mod Manager of your choice to do so.

Just remove the files or uninstall the mod via your Mod Manager.

Dynamic Animation Replacer

Artsick for the Animations I used.
Felisky384 for his great Dynamic Animation Replacer

Chosen priority-keys are: 5,6 and 7. and can be changed if nessecary - BUT .. 7 must still be the highest of the 3, 6 must be in between and 5 the lowest Number of them.