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This is my first ever mod on the nexus, I wanted to make animations so this here is my first ever animation for skyrim. It is meant to be a replacer animation for a mod called Potion animated fix. Instead of the normal drinking animation you will do a blood vial injection like in blood borne. I plan to add more alternate animations later. Enjoy :)

Permissions and credits

Chest Pound Animation

Blood Vial Animation

Alternate Potion Animation replaces the animation present in the mod Potion Animated Fix. You will need to overwrite Potion Animation fixes's drinking animation with this mods animation. 


1. Download mod 
2. Open mod in file explorer 
3. Search folders until you find a file named DrinkPotionRunning.hkx
4. After finding this file download Potion Animated Fix mod and do the same process go into meshes animation folder and copy and paste my mods animation into its animation folder, replace file when asked.
5. Run Nemesis or FNIS which ever one you use.

Mod Manager/Organizer:
1.Download mod through nexus and click install
2. Merge/Replace file with Potion Animated Fix Mod
3.Run Nemesis or FNIS which ever one you use.