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A complete revamped version of all other PCEA made from scratch. Nemesis PCEA's new design eliminates many bugs haunting other PCEA as well as greatly improves the performance. The day of Alternate Animation mods messing with your PCEA is over. 10 slots is not enough? Fear not, Nemesis PCEA supports up to 20 slots

Permissions and credits
A complete revamped version of all other PCEA, made entirely from scratch

Nemesis PCEA comes with a complete new design over FNIS PCEA2.

What's so special about Nemesis PCEA is

  • elimination of many bugs haunting other PCEA
  • elimination of the slow ass changing of animation in game. Up to 10 times faster than that outdated PCEA, especially heavy load order
  • other Alternate Animation mods messing with your PCEA? Yea.. no more that kind of crap for Nemesis PCEA
  • 10 slots is not enough? How about 20 slots that Nemesis PCEA can offer
  • lesser animation count than fnis = harder to hit animation limit = faster loading time
  • support all animation (including those not supported by other PCEA) except 1st person



  • Extract this mod into your data directory or install through a mod manager
  • Place your animation pack in "data/meshes/actors/character/animations/Nemesis_PCEA/<number><name of the animation pack>"
  • Run Nemesis
  • Launch Nemesis Engine
  • Run skyrim
  • Go to MCM select the animation pack

UPDATE from v0.8 to latest

  • Remember to do a clean save before you upgrade from v0.8


  • FNIS


  • Vortex users will get __folder_managed_by_vortex error if nemesis is installed through vortex. To fix this just install nemesis directly in your skyrim data folder along with this mod. The official fix will be handled by the nemesis tool in near future
  • Using Nemesis with Halo Poser will cause CTD. Currently looking into it


Patreon supporters

  • Sophia Orr (Crimson Fox) - For being the greatest shadow supporter. Supporting me silently
  • John Oguntoye (Crimson Pup) - For being with me during the early beta test until now
  • Other fellow patrons who have been supporting me and following me along the way =D

Beta supporters - For doing all the heavy testing on their machines. Without them, I would never reach where I am today with Nemesis

G'k - For helping me in managing the beta test, ensuring it would run smoothly

DServant - For giving me permission to include his animation in this mod

Fore - For giving me a reason to make this