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Simple ESL-flagged patch focusing on improving the spelling, punctuation and capitalization for the well-known mod Legacy of the Dragonborn.

Permissions and credits

This is a simple patch containing small fixes to spelling, punctuation and capitalization that may have slipped through the Legacy Dev Team's hands when developing and updating Legacy of the Dragonborn, a mod by Icecreamassassin.

It contains no scripts and it doesn't fix bugs, as those concerns should be directed to the Dev team instead.

This patch only fixes typos related to the mod itself, not the compatibility patches curated by SirJesto.

If you wish to help report or fix these errors, please refer to the "How to Help" section of this description.

As of V5.4.5 of Legacy of the Dragonborn, V1 of this patch was merged into the main mod and became obsolete. New fixes were made on V2 of this patch, which was also merged into V6, so currently this mod is not needed if you use V6 of Legacy of the Dragonborn.


Simply download and install with your favourite mod manager, to prevent errors from happening please load this ESL-flagged patch after Legacy of the Dragonborn.

Alternatively you can manually install it into your data folder, however that is not recommended.

If you use V5.4.4 of Legacy of the Dragonborn or older versions of V5, use ONLY V1 patch files.

If you use V5.4.5 of Legacy of the Dragonborn or newer versions of V5, use ONLY V2 patch files.

If you use V6 of Legacy of the Dragonborn, this mod is currently not needed.

Notes: This mod SHOULD NOT break your game. The simple changes it does will not cause crashes or any corruption.


If you are using a mod manager, download the new file and select "Replace" when prompted to.

If you are downloading it manually, delete the old Legacy of the Dragonborn Spelling Patch.esp file (and spelling files for patches and addons if you have them) and install the new one.


DO NOT recommend installing or uninstalling mods mid-save, but you can remove the patch with your mod manager or by manually removing the file:

Legacy of the Dragonborn Spelling Patch.esp
(and spelling files for patches and addons if you have them)

I AM NOT responsible by any damage cause to your save by installing or removing mods mid-playthrough. You do so at your own risk.


Legacy of the Dragonborn - Base mod. Please check the mod page for the mod's requirements and read the installation guide carefully if you haven't done so already.

If you are using spelling patches for any of the LOTD supported mods, you obviously need the base mod for the respective spelling patch.

How to help:

Do you wish to help fix the spelling errors or typos for the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod? That's great! You can do so by reporting those errors on either the "Posts" or the "Bugs" section of this page. I will check those frequently and add them to the next version of the patch. Alternatively you can also reach out to me on Discord, thenoobyduelist. Your help is very much appreciated!


All credit goes to the creator of the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod, Icecreamassassin and the Legacy Dev team.
Credit to gutmaw for the Interesting NPCs patch for Legacy of the Dragonborn.

Thank you for reading until the end, please consider endorsing the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod for all the amazing work put into it, and also consider endorsing this patch if you found it useful.