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Transforms Ustengrav to be a worthy burial place of Jurgen Windcaller.

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"You are now ready for your last trial. Retrieve the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, our founder, from his tomb in the ancient fane of Ustengrav. Remain true to the Way of the Voice, and you will return."

Why did I create this?

Dungeons and ruins in Skyrim are generally underwhelming in my opinion. They are way too straight forward and made to be easily traversed. Exploration  isn't a thing as there is only one path. That isn't fun in a game primarily about dungeon delving. Dungeons should be challenging, confusing and interesting. Ustengrav is the burial place of Jurgen Windcaller, a famed hero. It should be a truly epic place to visit.

What has been added?
A lot of new paths, rooms and enemies have been added. Everything added fits with the theme of the original dungeon, I always strive to be lore-friendly. I want my creations to be indistinguishable from the vanilla game. I have also taken care to not add to much loot as to not inflate the players wealth and power but there should still be some rewards for the player to find. Ustengrav should be about 30-60 minutes longer now.

What I want to achieve

An interesting new experience ideal for both new and returning players. You will get lost and have to retrace your steps... And that is the point! Traversing an ancient ruin shouldn't be on rails, and now it isn't!

Install with mod manager of your choice.

Do not install while your character is inside Ustengrav as some things might get weird.

Port to Oldrim
Download here, created by Xtudo

ELFX Main module (load ELFX before this mod)

Compatible with provided patch:
ELFX - Hardcore
ELFX - Enhancer

Notes on compatibility: This mod will be compatible with everything that does not touch or change the cells Ustengrav01 and Ustengrav02. Some mods that change the lighting in cells could be incompatible visually but should not break the game. Load UstengravRevisited.esp after your lighting mods to avoid issues.