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About this mod

Randomizes the main menu (and other things) each time Skyrim is started.

Permissions and credits
Main Menu Randomizer
Now works with Anniversary edition.


This mod replaces the main menu (and in theory everything else you want) every time you start skyrim.

It is heavily inspired by main menu wallpaper replacer HD 1080p now with randomizer for Legendary Edition but completely rewritten using the .NET Script Framework.

If anyone is interrested the code can be viewed either with the source file the downloads section or at:


WARNING: This mod can and will replace data in your data directory by default. Use at your own risk.
IMPORTANT: Files already copied by my mod will have to be uninstalled manually.
Note: I don't use Vortex and therefore can't support it. Use at your own risk!


  • Skyrim Special Edition
  • SKSE64
and all their requirements.



  1. Install like any other mod using the Mod manager of your choice.
  2. Install one of the replacers avaiable for main menu wallpaper replacer HD 1080p now with randomizer (Only the Meshes, music, textures and NOT! the skse Directory)


  1. Install like any other mod using the Mod manager of your choice.
  2. Create a Folder in your "Skyrim SpecialEdition\Data" Directory called "mainmenuwallpapers" (can be changed using the configfile)
  3. Place a new Data directory for each replacer in a seperate child directory (The whole path for a meshes directory should be "Skyrim Special Edition\Data\mainmenuwallpapers\[your replacer name here]\Data\Meshes" )

Always make sure the models, textures ... are sse compartible using one of many guides/tools avaiable like: 
SSE NIF Optimizer

Tip for ModOrganizer users:

To prevent this mod from overwriting other mods you should set it to write files to your overwrite directory. To do this find the path to your overwrite directory and set it as "Destination" in your Config file (windows users need to double every "\" to "\\")

Update / Deinstallation:

Ubdating in between minor versions (so from 1.0 -> 1.x) should require nothing special just replace the files (careful if you changed config settings)

Ubdating between mayor versions (so from 1.x -> 2.x ) needs no changes if you are using the default configuration.

If you are not using the default configuration you need to update your config file to the new format.

Depending on how you configured and used the mod you might need to take some extra steps:
In cases like these you need to figure out which files were overwritten and which mods provided those files and reinstall those mods.
Easiest way to do that is
  • look into the menu replacement mods you used. In there should be directories for each replacer and in those a data directory. Note which files are in t´hose data directories (for main menus it's usually stuff like "Meshes\interface\logo\logo.nif" and "textures\interface\objects\" ).
  • figure out which mod provides those files
  • reinstall those mod

Usage & Configuration:

You should not need to change any configs if you use main menu wallpaper replacer HD 1080p now with randomizer or similar main menu replacers this mod uses defaults that work with these replacers.

By Default this mot picks one random directory inside the "Skyrim Special Edition\Data\mainmenureplacers" Directory.
Then it copies EVERYTHING inside that directories "Data" childdirectory OVER your "Skyrim Special Edition\Data" Directory.
Yes everything. In theory you could place pluginfiles in there but please don't.

Thanks to cupcakeninja6 for an example:

You can change this behavioud in multiple ways using the included config file:

The Configfile can contain multiple Source blocks.
Each source block defines one source directory.

This Property selects the directories the mod looks for replacers. 
You can use absolute directores or paths relative to you "Skyrim Special Edition" directory
Use this for example if you want to move the replacers away from your data directory.

Multiple Directories need to be separated with a | character.


.\Data\[my cool other replacer dir]
.\Data\[music replacers dir]|.\Data\[meshes replacer dir]

Multiple source Directories Example:

Folder Structure:
  • music_replacers
    • replacer1
      • data
        • music
          • [files]

    • replacer1
      • data
        • music
          • [files]

  • menu_replacers
    • replacer1
      • data
        • meshes
          • [files]
        • textures
          • [files]

    • replacer2
      • data
        • meshes
          • [files]
        • textures
          • [files]

Config File:

Directoy = '.\Data\music_replacers'

Directory= '.\Data\menu_replacers'

In this case the mod would pick one replacer from the music_replacers directory and one from the menu_replacers directory and merge those two together that way even when he picks the same menu replacer you could always get differrent music

This property chooses where the copied files get put.
Once again relative (to "Skyrim Special Edition" directory) and absolute paths are supported.
Use this for example if you want the mod to write in a seperate ModOrganizer mod or in the ModOrganizer overwrite directory so it doesn't automatically overwrite other ModOrganizer Mods.

This Property chooses which files get copied.
This is a regular expression (see: )
It checks the relative path (relative to the "[replacer]\Data" Directory) so it needs to check for example ".\Data\Meshes\Interface\Logo\Logo.nif"
The check works case insensitive so upper lower case will be ignored.
Example: "^Meshes\\.*" would select everything inside the meshes directory but nothing else.

You can also overwrite the filter for specific source directories by adding them to the corresponding Source block:

This Property sets how many messages get logged. Possible Values are "Error", "Warn", "Info", "Debug" and "Trace"
"Info" is recommended

Reporting Problems
If you have any problems please set the Debug.LogLevel Config to Trace and send me the Config file and the logfile.
That way I can look into what's the problem.

Logfile Location:

Credits & Special Thanks
hellstorm102 & LLFBandit for the Legendary edition Randomizer and Randomizer Plugin.
meh321 for the .NET Scripting Framework.
cupcakeninja64 for the Example.

Bethesda and NexusMods for Skyrim and this site respectively.

pixel-perfect for the shuffle icon.