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14 randomize lore-friendly, animated wallpapers in the single style. Stylistic music from the vanilla game for each art and sound design. Just take a look at the video!

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If you are not ready to go through certain steps to remove the randomizer - do not use the randomizer and, accordingly, this mod. 

If a less problematic randomizer is ever written, I will gladly update the requirements. 
Let me remind you that my mod only contains textures and meshes, and with all problems you should contact the author of the code. 


1. Added a non-logo version for use with a modified interface. (e.g. NORDIC UI).
2. Now it works with Main Menu Randomizer SE (Including the AE version.) Take a look at the installation.


I always liked the main menu in Half-Life 2, it was very lively and action-packed. I tried to bring that to Skyrim.

Each time Skyrim starts up, the main menu changes randomly to one of the 14 lore-friendly, animated wallpapers in the single style. Also, one minute of vanilla music was added to each art (the user usually does not stay in the main menu for long), as well as added stylistic sound design that complements each location depicted in the art. 

Just take a look at the video! 
(Take advantage of the episodes for convenience.)


Main Menu Randomizer SE
Main Menu Design Replacer - clean no-borders version - If you want to get the menu view from the video.


1. Download and install the Main Menu Randomizer SE.
2. Download this mod and overwrite everything.
3. Download and install the Main Menu Design Replacer - clean no-borders version - If you want to get the menu view from the video.

Please let me know of any problems, thank you!


— AE version, please? 
It should now work with Main Menu Randomizer.

— Can I remove art that I don't need? 
Yes, to do this, go to the folder /mainmenuwallpapers and delete the folder with the art you do not need, they are signed.

— I liked the art, but don't need a soundtrack or animation.
Just delete them from the folder.

— Not suitable for my screen resolution! 
Sorry, I only tested it on FullHD. Let me know in the comments and I'll think about a solution.

— I deleted the mod, but still have particles and music.
From the randomizer page: 

Unistallation is just as easy:
Delete the files from this mod from your data directory.
IMPORTANT: Files already copied by my mod will have to be uninstalled manually.

and optionally:

Also check the Data folder, maybe the files are still there. 


hellstorm102 for "main menu wallpaper replacer HD 1080p now with randomizer".
visedgrunt for "SKSE plugin port of the original mod".
rudy102 for leaf texture. (Rudy HQ - Falling Leaves and Needles)
SparrowPrince for the original particle replacer used to make the embers (Ruffled Feather - Scorching Hot Load FX)
LordLucian7 for snow textures and meshes (Skyrim - Valhalla Rising - Main Menu Replacer)
Of course, art authors.
lanastara for Main Menu Randomizer SE.