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This mod provides CBBE 3BBB bodyslides for the mod "Ranger Armor - SSE CBBE Bodyslide (with Physics)."

Permissions and credits
This mod provides bodyslide files for converting Ranger Armor - SSE CBBE Bodyslide (with Physics) for use with the CBBE 3BBB body. That mod is required in order to use this mod, since this mod only provides the bodyslide files.

The bodyslides use the CBBE 3BBB Amazing (3BA) body specifically, but they should work with the other CBBE 3BBB bodies. Since CBBE 3BBB requires CBPC (and optionally HDT-SMP), these bodyslides use the physics that come with the CBBE 3BBB body. They do not have any additional physics.

If you are not familiar with how to use Bodyslide to generate meshes for outfits to match a body preset, then check out the documentation for Bodyslide and Outfit studio as well as any tutorials that it links to.

* Ranger Armor - SSE CBBE Bodyslide (with Physics)
* Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
* RaceMenu High Heels (if you don't want the heels to sink into the ground)

The CBBE SE bodyslides from the main mod were converted to CBBE 3BBB for this mod and thus follow the permissions of the main mod. The author of the main mod (docteure) has given permission for this mod to be uploaded. I give full permission to use these bodyslide files however you see fit so long as you have permission from docteure to use their bodyslide assets for whatever it is you're trying to do. This mod is just an extension of that mod.

The original, LE mod was made by Alecu.
The CBBE SE conversion was done by docteure.
See Ranger Armor - SSE CBBE Bodyslide (with Physics) for a full list of who exactly is responsible for the various assets used in the CBBE SE conversion.